VIRGO > kapha-pitta / 1st-5th cakram / Demeter & Athena

Okay, first I just have to say as a Gemini I absolutely LOVE finding all the ways the things I study correlate! With that being said, I really want to share with you how I’ve seen the crossover in studying the Cakra system, the dosha in Ayurveda, the 7 main Greek Goddesses as a part of the psyche, the 10 planets & of course - the 12 zodiac signs!

There is so much relationship between each, I love seeing how so many modalities & ancient wisdoms correlate & can unite as One! So without further ado, here is our contemplative Virgo //

Virgo > our favorite perfectionist, analyst, & servant! Okay not servant like slave, like service to others, service to the planet, service to the greater good. Virgo is *all about helping ALL of God’s green Earth out! So naturally they’re linked to the oh so earthy Kapha & might surprise you Pitta, as well as the 1st & 5th cakram, & our beloved Goddesses Demeter & Athena.

So at this point it’s like a given right? Nurturing, steady Kapha definitely correlates to the earthy, patient Virgo, but then you’re like wait, Pitta? Oh yah, Virgo might be all earthy AF but this sign has some SERIOUS drive & get up & go to get shit done!! Don’t put anything past a Virgo they say they’re going to do – they’ll do it & probably do it 10x better than you could imagine! LOL! They’re patient & steady like a Kapha & driven like a Pitta, best of both worlds some might say. This steadiness & need for stability also corresponds to the 1st cakram where the foundations are laid. Don’t forget it also represents sensuality & let’s not think for a second that just because Virgo is all earth motherly type that they don’t have all the libido of an Aries! Too true… And the 5th cakram is all about self expression & thoughtfulness before speaking. Virgo is ruled by Mercury just like Gemini & if you’ve ever gotten into a conversation with a Virgo, you’ll know they can be just as chatty! Both these signs have a ton of mental energy.

I think it might be kind of obvious now that Virgo the sign of the wheat & harvest would have relationship to Demeter as she is the Goddess of the grain & a top notch nurturer just like Virgo. Athena also steps in here as well bringing forth wisdom, crafts & strategy – all things Virgo is highly known for. I mean who do you seek out when you need advice? A helping hand? Expertise? The master of their craft? Your Virgo friend duh! So it’s safe to say this cluster of correlations is wise, caring & seriously ambitious!

Ariel Wright