TAURUS > kapha / 1st cakram / Demeter & Aphrodite

Okay, first I just have to say as a Gemini I absolutely LOVE finding all the ways the things I study correlate! With that being said, I really want to share with you how I’ve seen the crossover in studying the Cakra system, the dosha in Ayurveda, the 7 main Greek Goddesses as a part of the psyche, the 10 planets & of course - the 12 zodiac signs!

There is so much relationship between each, I love seeing how so many modalities & ancient wisdoms correlate & can unite as One! So without further ado, here is our beloved Taurus //

Taurus > our earth spirit, our artsy musician, our silent one. Our silently intense one too! Don’t let Taurus fool you with all their sweetness, they have an intensity also! Passions run high for Taurus but unlike Aries they bring forth a much more grounded energy. This earthy sign correlates to the earthy nature of Kapha & the 1st cakram, along with the two beautiful Goddesses Demeter & Aphrodite.

The Kapha energy brings in a steady sweetness that Taurus easily resonates with. There is patience & understanding as they move through their day-to-day relationships as well as the patience to build strong foundations of security. The 1st cakram is all about stability, security & sensuality & Taurus-Kapha is ready for all of that ALL the time! The earthy, watery elements encourage the need to create long lasting *everything in their life as well as the need for physical connection & touch.

It’s safe to say their spirits are full of love & nurturance which correlates oh so nicely to our Goddesses Demeter & Aphrodite! Demeter is the Goddess of the grain, the nurturer & mother who always wishes to provide physical sustenance & security to their loved ones. Aphrodite the Goddess of love & beauty brings forth creative energy & represents the lover. Taurus-Kapha & that 1st cakram are all about creating, sustaining, & partnerships where their natural abilities can easily shine through!​

All this & more is also reflected in Taurus’ ruling planet > Venus. However, Venus brings in a few energies unique to herself – the fire energy of Pitta, the heart centered energy of the 4th cakram & the wife energy of Hera. Venus is a little higher in fire than Taurus so Pitta rises here bringing forth more creative & sexual energy. The 4th cakram also correlates here as it’s energy easily transmits the messages of Venus <3 . And the committed wife archetype of Hera dances with Venus as they create marriage between heart & soul in all their partnerships. Needless to say, this cluster of correlations is sweet, soft & oh so saucy!

Ariel Wright