ARIES > pitta / 2nd cakram / Artemis & Athena

Okay, first I just have to say as a Gemini I absolutely LOVE finding all the ways the things I study correlate! With that being said, I really want to share with you how I’ve seen the crossover in studying the Cakra system, the dosha in Ayurveda, the 7 main Greek Goddesses as a part of the psyche, the 10 planets & of course - the 12 zodiac signs!

There is so much relationship between each, I love seeing how so many modalities & ancient wisdoms correlate & can unite as One! So without further ado, we’ll start from the beginning of the zodiac //

Aries > our warrior, daredevil & pioneer of the zodiac! This fiery sign correlates with the fiery nature of Pitta, the enthusiasm & passion of the 2nd cakram & of course the two boss ass Greek Goddesses Artemis & Athena!

That Pitta energy says go, go, GO & Aries is always ready to push forward, get it all the things done & slay goals until the twilight hours. Nothing but hot, fiery energy here making Pitta & Aries a match made in *heaven, or...? LOL! All this energy is being transmitted through the 2nd cakram located above the pubic bone bringing forth expression & action, not to mention libido! The 2nd cakram along with Aries & Pitta can all bring about a very high sex drive & create the need to be sexually expressed & often.

Speaking of sex, let’s talk about our sexy Goddesses, Artemis & Athena! Artemis is that wild child who could never stay in the house > she was always following the moon & on the hunt for her next big kill. Kill being her goals of course! She is the competitor & if you know anything yet about Aries & Pitta, it’s all about that competition. Athena on the other hand, is the Goddess of wisdom & strategy. It should be noted that the fire element heavy in this cluster helps to illuminate the truth & see the paths forward clearly. Athena’s energy of clear vision (wisdom) & competition (strategy) transmits all sorts of Aries, Pitta & 2nd cakram energy!

These two Goddesses along with the 2nd cakram & Pitta also correlate to Aries ruling planet > Mars. However, Mars also harbors the energy of the 3rd cakram which is ruled by the fire element. This energy center contains our area of power, creativity & growth and as Mars represents desires & drive, it’s all about creating growth opportunities by pursuing our desires & utilizing our powers. It’s safe to say this cluster of correlations is hot, spicy, & #winning!!

Ariel Wright