New Moon in Gemini 13° @ 6:02am EDT on 6/3/19

Namaste Seekers! Happy New Moon in Gemini ☽

Well it’s Gemini season & that means we’re all on the move - hustlin’ & bustlin! Maybe you love this time of year as spring & summer ignite fresh new ideas or revitalize old ones. Or perhaps this time is anxiety producing, stressful & you question why you’re hit with waves of depression when the suns out & flowers are blooming. Maybe you’re like me & the many who suffer from sleep deprivation during this time as Gemini often over stimulates the mind, having us thinking over time into the wee hours of the night!

Either way, there is massive airy energy with this New Moon in Gemini + the sun (& so much more) suggesting it’s time to gather more information to make those big next steps! This can be a slightly frustrating time as we want to move forward with all the excitement, but some of us may find we’re being blocked… Why is that?

It might just be intense Pluto & its juicy aspects it’s making all over the place that tell us if we want to go within & access that new inspiration, new idea, new meaning – that first we have to face our wounds & shadows to get there. Kind of a buzz kill, but it’s entirely worth it to face this with honesty, love & care as there’s SO MUCH on the other side! Again, this might be an anxiety or depression ridden time because the fun part is the newness; that new idea or project – but the reality is we have to keep going deeper to produce authentic ideas & projects that have *real meaning. Once we can achieve this, we are then able to tap into our inner infinite resources of inspiration!

This time does attune us much closer with our aspirations & passions, but we may experience cycles of emotional withdraw. And that’s okay, we are all learning to let go more & more of attachment to external power & tapping more into internal power for transformation. We must now let go of any ways we’ve manipulated others & the world around us to gain power and learn that helping the world is where true power comes from.

Venus trine Pluto says let love & spirit guide you towards full integration & inspiration where your infinite resources exist! Allow stillness for your intuition to show you clear next steps & also take time to shake things up by breaking your routine & travel. There’s always lots of clarity as well as confusion when we self-analyze, but through humility & patience, we will begin to realize there’s something very special to do with this new found inspiration or purpose.

So much of this is reflected in the Sabian Symbol for 13° Gemini. “A famous pianist giving a concert performance”. Though the visual might not invoke it’s meaning to many, the keynote here is synthesization of our power of joy & new beginnings with our liberation from ghosts of the past. “One moves into new realms & successfully challenges the fear, the insecurity & the lack of self-confidence of the past in oneself. Having achieved liberation, one can bring in the power of self-discipline, skill & self-confidence. One has become a potential SOURCE OF INSPIRATION” – Dane Rudhyar. So let us liberate ourselves from the past, shadows & wounds to step more whole-heartedly into the prospects of a meaningful future!

I also must emphasize how important having any one of these energies is in your chart (Gemini, Capricorn, Taurus, etc). For instance, I am a Gemini sun, however I only have that one ‘planet’ in Gemini & actually have a whole slew in Capricorn! So I often resonate with Capricorn energy equally & sometimes more than Gemini! So if you wish to know more about your natal chart or progressed chart click HERE! Or want to know more about you & your loved ones compatibility, click HERE!

In Love, Light & Shadow

Namaste ~

P.S. Due to being a sun-Gemini & being totally exhausted by its energy, intense cleansing on this new moon, feeling the Gemini insomnia, the stress of school & moving > horoscopes were not produced this time around... My deepest apologies & also that’s just the reality of it. When we’re healing, sometimes it can be hard to tap into our infinite resources to create. Creating takes energy & if you’re sensitive like me – this whole tech, social media world is very exhausting. I’m just being honest; I love to create content AND it’s tiring & I don’t always want to. I feel a little guilty, but I'm just going to sit with it. Today was more important to do what I needed & wanted to and I hope that you do the same ♡ Take time for yourself to rest & restore – that’s what New Moons are all about! If you want to dive into New Moon cleansing with me click HERE! Or Full Moon cleansing (as that’s coming up now too) click HERE. I have a good feeling about the Full Moon Horoscopes ; ) stay tuned & thank you!!

Ariel Wright