Full Moon in Scorpio 27° @ 5:11pm EDT on 5/18/19

Namaste Seekers! Happy Full Moon in Scorpio ☽

I actually don’t know if ‘happy’ is exactly the word I would choose right now > maybe more like intense, agitating, or illuminating. It’s kind of like everything all at the same time! This is a highly revealing moon where we can really step out of the old & into the new and simultaneously be totally terrified to do so as we experience disorientation, confusion, & many emotions around letting go of the past.

With the Sun conjunct Mercury opposite the Moon, this is definitely a time where we are a having a surge of fresh new ideas, new ways of seeing ourselves, and the way that we think & perceive others to include the world around us (society). We are now wrapping up a cycle or purpose & stepping into a new purpose or cycle that we feel is ready to manifest! This is very exciting for those ready to evolve forward & surrender the old idea & any false stories. This is very confusing & disorienting for those who are not…

Remaining open is key here & not retreating into the past due to fear. This will allow us to access our innate talents, abilities, & higher will that allows us to access the next steps forward where we may have initially been feeling stuck, stagnant, & confused. The Sabian symbol for 27° Scorpio is encouraging us to reconnect with nature, natural law, & our intuition to access our inner & universal truths while we step away and out of all artificial, rigid, & inorganic realities. It’s all about seeing the falsities in the dogmatic & outmoded cultural ways.

The Sabian symbol is > “a military band marches noisily on through the city streets” resembling “the aggressive glorification of cultural values” along with “our aggressive, tense, domineering Western civilization that is indeed in opposition to the natural spontaneity & instinctive adjustment to nature of tribal societies. The keyword here is POMP” – Dane Rudhyar. Pomp meaning to be vain & boastful – it’s really a time to step into truth, honesty, & humility.

We have to be honest now & might not have a choice as our security & emotions are highly tested under this Scorpio full moon where we are challenged to work with balancing our material & emotional needs with our partners & society’s. This is everyone’s feelings & money on the line – very polarized in nature. The push & pull friction might lead you into some heated conversations with lots of tears, but ultimately open, honest conversation needs to be had to be sure you are in full alignment with your needs, values & desires as new shock waves enter your field.

Try not to get bogged down with all the heavy interactions with others & yourself even though it may feel as if people of the present & traumas of the past pull you down away from your highest Self. This too shall pass & balance will prevail as long as you take time to clear your energy field (meditate) & deeply understand the external demands around you (listen). Find your boundaries that make you feel safe & move forward fearlessly as surges of new ideas & inspirations pulse through you.

This can be a particularly challenging time for all Ayurvedic dosha types that are Kapha in nature as they may experience more difficulty letting go of the past & not letting their emotions dominate them. Also those with heavy earth & water signs in their natal Moon or Mercury might feel more troubled & confused as they allow the process to unfold organically without feeling emotionally beaten up along the way. Hang tight everyone because there is always light in the full moon! We all have much to look forward to <3

Below you’ll find your horoscopes > the Sun & Rising. I recommend reading BOTH. If you are a Gemini Sun with a Scorpio Rising you should read both Gemini (& Gemini Rising) as well as (Scorpio) & Scorpio Rising. If you wish to know more about your natal or progressed chart click HERE! Or want to know more about you & your loved ones compatibility, click HERE!

In Love, Light & Shadow

Namaste ~

Aries & Aries Rising

As Scorpio & Aries are some of the most intense signs in the zodiac, it only makes sense this full moon would be a potent time for you Arians! With Chiron here as well, you may experience lots of ups & downs in your emotions as you navigate the old wounds that keep you stuck in the past. Luckily Aries is all about charging forward & new beginnings so I really have no doubt that even though it’s a highly emotionally charged time for you, that your innate ability to initiate & manifest anew will blossom! There will be much blossoming for you around self-esteem, resources & money. Your ally in this dance is conviction > hone into your highest convictions & let those propel you forward. You are cautioned to be aware of losing your nerve and retreating & regressing into the past.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

It’s still your season Taurus & all the planets think so too! With the Sun, Mercury, Uranus & Venus all dancing in their own unique conjunctions here, there is so much energy around fresh new ideas as you wrap up & complete old projects & purposes. This will feel super personal & correspond directly to your personal identity & how you identify with yourself. Uranus-Venus says go after what you’re really passionate about & forget *everything that keeps you in a box. Let your creativity flow outside of the norm & access your highest ideals. This is a time to be totally honest with yourself with no room to play small! Your ally in this growth is courage > have the courage to let go of the old. You are cautioned to avoid collapsing under pressure & abandoning your true self.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

Depending what else is working with your Geminian natal chart will determine how easy or difficult it will be for you to let go at this time. A penetrating full moon for self-honesty as you let the ego release it’s control & allow your spirit or higher Self to take the reins. There is so much richness now as you step into your intuitive abilities & let go of rigid & sterile facts of information that you felt backed your beliefs. You don’t need to have an icy grip on external ‘proof’ of what you’re doing or believing – it’s time now for you to know yourself from the inside out. Your ally in this is sensing the infinite internally & externally. You are cautioned to be aware of the fear of change followed by confusion & escapism.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

A big boost for you Cancers! With Scorpio full moon & Mars residing here, it’s an intense watery playground charged with emotional & psychic forces! You know you’ve wrapped up a cycle that’s ready for completion & hungry for the next journey forward. You will be meeting alliances as you fully embrace your new direction or goal that aligns you closer & closer to your highest power. This may feel like a goal or purpose that weaves you into the fabric of society as you bring forth innate talents that your community is now ready to receive. Your ally in this is clearly defining your priorities & values for clear direction forward. You are cautioned against hesitation to choose & drifting/wasting energy.

Leo & Leo Rising

As you continue to truly know yourself, this moon asks you to look in the mirror one last time before you declare new passions & purposes. It’s time to step out from behind the curtain & onto the stage where you can really let your new self shine! There is always work to be done as this life is all about becoming into our higher conscious, and this will be a powerful & creative time for you as you self-reflect & self-create simultaneously to step forward into your community or dharma (life purpose). Your ally in this is integrity > you must maintain this above all else as you come into the spotlight of your own life. You are cautioned against false claims followed by getting trapped in limiting roles.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

Is there a better position for a full moon to ask us all to step into our truth? Well, the forces of the moon are upon you Virgo as the moon does not ask, but demands you live & breathe what is innately true for you on all levels > mental, emotional & physical. You continue to explore the edges of the past, your old self that used to call the shots, but you’re now urged to let go of anything that does not serve nor define who you are & your deepest desires. This exploration allows you to expand & birth anew self to bring fresh new philosophy to your life. Your ally in this is to activate your sense of wonder to maintain inspiration. You are cautioned against dogmatic rigidity followed by a deep sense of boredom that could lead to trouble.

Libra & Libra Rising

It’s time to take off any masks & bust out the scales Libra! This full moon asks if you’ve been honest with yourself & if you’ve been finding balance between your emotional & physical needs and your partners/others? It’s time you step into full equanimity & dissolve any power struggles you’ve been wrestling with internally or with others. You have access now for alchemical transformation as you completely integrate your individuated self to transmit your deepest desires. Allow fresh ideas to organically blossom. Your ally in this is honesty > the only way to know yourself truly is be to be entirely honest without judgment. You’re cautioned not to resist change & fall into denialism, followed by depression.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

With the full moon working to illuminate literally *everything, the depths of your Scorpionic waters may feel quite vulnerable! This may be the most challenging time for you Scorpios as you feel the push & pull nature between your emotional + security needs & your partners. Though you may feel challenged at first, remaining honest & open will allow you above all others to come to authentic agreements & equanimity. Initiate the difficult conversations if need be as there is no room to keep things stuffed down & repressed when there is so much waiting for you as you let go! Your ally in this is love > love for yourself & others. You’re cautioned against becoming addicted to another & losing your sense of self.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Arch, aim & let it fly Sagittarius! You’re not only excited by the moon as it pulls to the surface your deepest desires, but Jupiter (your ruling planet) is here to support you in all ways necessary to propel you forward! You’re being guided & inspired to let your new ideas or feelings of purpose be of service to a larger whole. Though this will be an intense time of busyness, Jupiter will help you remain optimistic as you continue to aim high & shoot for the stars knowing full well you’ll hit your mark. Work to stay grounded as you enter a super heavy growth cycle. Your ally in this is your competency & trust in abilities. You are cautioned against feelings of inadequacy, dull work & resentments.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

This may be an odd time for your Cap as you find the balance between self-expression & playfulness and nose to the grindstone seriousness in your works & partnerships. The south node, Saturn & Pluto are all here to bring up the past & any self-reflection needed before you can move forward with new goals & directions. But try not to let the intensity make you wallow or bog you down as you let fresh new ways of being & playing arise! Your ally here truly is spontaneity > let it lead you out of any stagnation or ego control. You’re also cautioned against indulging too far in sensory pleasure as well as ego-tripping through immature personal dramas.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

This full moon is nothing shy of revealing for you Aquarians! With the illumination of the full moon glow, the depth of the Scorpionic vision & the clarity of the Aquarian mind, you’re in for some truly insightful & innovative times! All this will be revealed to you as you withdraw a little more into yourself for reflection & self exploration where you’ll certainly find new inspirations & directions forward. You may experience external events revealing to you more fully your unconscious desires for this next chapter of life. Your ally in this is your feelings > trust them & trust yourself to gain a strong foundation of authentic self-awareness. You are cautioned against emotional self-indulgence followed by mental/emotional paralysis to make moves forward.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Do I need to send in a life raft? With the Scorpio full moon along with Neptune & Black Moon Lilith here in Pisces, dreams can quickly turn into delusions. This is really a time where you’ll need to work to move out of any traps in your internal landscape (psyche) & come out to observe the world around you to gain new perspectives. Notice where you’re emotional + physical needs aren’t being met & clearly communicate them with yourself & others. Neptune will help you embrace & understand by accessing your innate intuition. Your ally in this is curiosity > let it guide you to exciting new pathways. You’re cautioned against overextending yourself & losing your focus.

Ariel Wright