New Moon in Taurus 14° @ 6:45 pm EDT on 5/4/19

Namaste Seekers! Happy New Moon in Taurus ☽

Well this certainly is a crazy, potent time – or just crazy? just potent? Naw, it’s definitely BOTH!! Sending love & light & maybe a life vest as we all try to keep our heads on through the deep, dark waters ahead. I don’t mean to sound overly intense or heavy, but things can feel that way for some, and for others you might actually be feeling very light, clear & surrendered! It just depends where you’re at in your evolutionary journey.

The aspects on this highly charged day all indicate a very similar message > reflect, reform, learn & complete. The Sun & Moon conjunction aspecting Saturn, Neptune, the south node & Lilith are all telling us it’s time to dig deep into old limits & false stories, reintegrate that which has been rejected inside ourselves, & reflect on where we must change in order to evolve forward. We may wish to spend time on this day alone , meditating & journaling on our highest, most true desires that we wish to accomplish in this life & begin building the foundations for such things to become possible.

This will be a dance between action & surrender as stagnation meets action & purification, and impulses meets stability & patience. We may wish to go, go, GO! and try to push beyond what feels organic & use just our sheer force of will. This is our ego talking & though it feels tempting to shove forward during this time, it is imperative that we again spend this time in reflection & understand where it is necessary to reform our foundations for long lasting, deep stability.

With Pluto square Mercury & Venus, this reform or *new form could be around new organizational systems, new ways of thinking & learning, perhaps even learning new material & moving away from something you formerly thought was your life direction, role, career or dharma. This aspect also has to do with new forms of relationships or being in a new way in your relationships. This could mean romantic relationships or just everyday friendships, partnerships, family, etc. Maybe it’s time to go over you & your partner’s idea about your relationship > what it is, where it’s going, what you need/want. Or you’re ready to conduct yourself anew in relationships, to see things from a different perspective & bring in qualities you’ve been nurturing for some time now as we complete an evolutionary cycle.

We can either surrender into a new evolutionary cycle & wrap up the old, or we may find ourselves still confused, disillusioned, or disoriented as our ego struggles to release the past, the outmoded ways of doing things, & works to stunt this growth. Nevertheless, these whirlwinds we find ourselves in just serve as bringing clarity to our situations & state of being, as through suffering we gain awareness over time. These are unsustainable circumstances we can force ourselves into as the ego struggles to release control, but ultimately we will evolve toward sustainability for deep, emotional security & evolution.

The Sabian symbol for Taurus 14° is > “on the beach, children play while shellfish grope at the edge of the water”. Though is seemingly ambiguous, it acts to resemble “returning to simpler joys for revitalization” & suggests “it’s better not to attempt more than one can achieve through power driven conscious/ego ambition, but rather value this stage by becoming in close contact with natural energies & simple pleasure, a live & let live attitude”. – Dane Rudhyar

Humility must replace self-inflated/willful expression in order to understand our personal evolutionary purpose & we should take this opportunity to be more playful as we experience ourselves & discover our personal power, purpose, & capabilities!

Below you’ll find your horoscopes > they are the Sun & Rising and I recommend reading BOTH. If you are a Gemini Sun with a Scorpio Rising you should read both Gemini (& Gemini Rising) as well as (Scorpio) & Scorpio Rising. If you wish to know more about your Natal or Progressed chart click one or the other! Or want to know more about you & your loved ones Compatibility, click HERE!

In Love, Light & Shadow

Om ~

Aries & Aries Rising

This may be a challenging new moon for you Aries as you juggle the need to be assertive, action oriented & willful with the need to surrender, reflect, & be patient. This is a space where you’re really creating inner & outer resources that are sustainable if you can find the ‘keep calm cool’ to get them in order! You may experience ease of evolution through mental revelation as you learn from the past & let it go in order to create anew for your future. Also take time to step more fully into your relationships & see where they may need extra special attention during this time. Your ally in this dance is conviction > hone into your highest convictions & let those propel you forward. You are cautioned to be aware of losing your nerve and retreating & regressing into the past.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

It’s all about you today Taurus! That new moon has your name written all over it & it’s time to step *fully into that name > your identity, your purpose, your fully embodied Self! This is an extra special time for you as the sun, moon & Uranus encourage every essence of your being to break free from the old & outdated, and to create & invent a new way of expressing yourself on a personal & social level. This is all about getting into what it means to be you & shaking off the shackles of societal norms/labels in order to access this raw, authentic version of yourself that will propel your life purpose forward! Your ally in this growth is courage > have the courage to let go of the old. You are cautioned to avoid collapsing under pressure & abandoning your true self.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

This is an interesting time for you Gemini as the new moon illuminates your connection to Source & Spirit. With Mars playing around here in Gemini, it might seem difficult to grab a hold of anything eternal like Spirit as Mars represents our ego desires. This will be a good time to reflect on how your Spirit/Soul holds the source of your desires. In other words, take time to tune into your highest ideal & feel into what are true, sustainable thoughts, ideas & connections for you now. As we’re all completing an evolutionary cycle, now is the time for you to know what you need to let go of. Your ally in this is sensing the infinite internally & externally. You are cautioned to be aware of the fear of change followed by confusion & escapism.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

The moon no matter if it’s new or full always has a bit more juiciness for Cancer due to their rulership connection! The moon encourages you to really begin setting goals, tapping into your direction & establishing beneficial relationships to propel your new evolutionary purpose forward. This is all about pathfinding > finding your unique way into the external world as well as the internal as you develop personal & social purpose. With the north node residing here, you’re being pulled to explore your dharma/career & assertion in this society. What’s your purpose & where do you belong? Your ally in this is clearly defining your priorities & values for a clear direction forward. You are cautioned against hesitation to choose & drifting/wasting energy.

Leo & Leo Rising

This new moon really asks you to know yourself Leo. Leo represents the authentic self & now is the time to show those true colors to yourself & your community! This is a ‘going public’ time if you will, but in order to really take advantage of this energy you must know yourself mentally & emotionally. With the midheaven influence here you are being asked to know your true & false stories of self that you’ve either created or accepted from society. Now is a time to let your true story reveal itself in your career/dharma as you empower yourself to be more. Your ally in this is integrity > you must maintain this above all else as you come into the spotlight of your own life. You are cautioned against false claims of self followed by getting trapped in limiting roles.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

It’s time to wrap up the old & start exploring the new Virgo! This new moon encourages you to break up routine in order to expand your mind, explore beyond your self-perceived limits, & really dig down into your truth. This is no time to play small & no space for false stories. You desire new perspective & education to add to your life philosophy book as you step into a new way of being. As there is always loose ends to tie up before completing any cycle or project, you may feel those loose ends at this time, but have faith that broader experiences are on the horizon! Your ally in this is to activate your sense of wonder to maintain inspiration. You are cautioned against dogmatic rigidity followed by a deep sense of boredom that could lead to trouble.

Libra & Libra Rising

This new moon may leave you Librans feeling a little shaky as the 8th house rattles your preferred state of balance. It may seem like a lot all at once as you work to integrate, let go, & transform all necessary parts of yourself in order to start a new evolutionary cycle. You may have intense feelings bubbling up during this time while you navigate through your mental, emotional & psychic inner landscape for what no longer serves you & what you need to move forward. Trust your instincts as you wade through these waters & tap into your inner knowing (intuition). Your ally in this is honesty > the only way to know yourself truly is be to be entirely honest without judgment. You’re cautioned not to resist change & fall into denialism, followed by depression.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Love is in the air! Or is it? It may be a touchy new moon for you Scorpios as you work to integrate & cooperate within your relationships, taking time to recognize your partner or the others outside of yourself. This could be any relationship, but predominantly refers to romantic partnerships. You may be feeling you’re ready to evolve forward with your partner, establish strong foundations for the long-term OR you may be struggling to find that foundation with your partner to really push off from. Perhaps you are single & are yearning for real, long-lasting relationships & are taking this time to understand how you can identify with the ‘other’ better. Your ally in this is love > love for yourself & others. You’re cautioned against becoming addicted to another & losing your sense of self.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

This new moon may leave you Sagittarians in a highly contemplative state as Jupiter retrogrades on through. You may be thinking & feeling deeply into your larger purpose, the meaning of your life, & how your ethics & values have gotten you to where you are and where they might need to be reformed or adjusted in order to evolve forward. This is a time where you wish to be useful & be of service to others while simultaneously needing space to reflect & redo some inner emotional landscaping. You may feel very optimistic for all the great change on its way & have lots of faith in your abilities. Keep that up! Your ally in this is your competency & trust in your abilities. You are cautioned against feelings of inadequacy, dull work & resentments.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

With Pluto conjunct Saturn & the south node are all in Capricorn, there may be quite a bit heating up for you during this new moon! You might feel a strong pull to get it ALL done as well as the need to relax, play & be creative. One being work, responsibilities, & routines and the other being joy, self-expression, & spontaneity. The balance will be crucial here as you allow both energies to fuel you forward as you let go of the old, outmoded ways of conducting business, life, the daily and spring forward into new ideas, passions, & pursuits. Your ally here truly is spontaneity > let it lead you out of any stagnation or ego control. You’re also cautioned against indulging too far in sensory pleasure as well as ego-tripping through immature personal dramas.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

The new moon always delivers with it BIG feelings & emotional tides and this week is no exception for you Aquarians! Navigating the 4th house waters with Lilith will lead you on a deep diving journey into your inner, most unconscious emotional self. Here you are attuning to the roots of awareness around inner security where you will discover a greater sense of knowing to propel forward with. As we all complete a cycle now, the new evolutionary intent requires us all to move forward with that which we know to be true & authentic. Your ally in this is your feelings > trust them & trust yourself to gain a strong foundation of authentic self-awareness. You are cautioned against emotional self-indulgence followed by mental/emotional paralysis to make moves forward.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Time to wake up Pisces! This new moon with Neptune here in rulership says it’s time to wake up out of that easy, dreamy inner state you can get lost in. Accessing new perspectives, information & communicating with the world around you will lead you on your next evolutionary journey as we wrap up a previous cycle. This is all about observing your environment & becoming aware to what’s around you, searching, asking questions and of course keeping that Neptune in Pisces intuition on lock! Allow your ego to surrender now as you open your mind & spirit to new information & ways of being in your environment. Your ally in this is curiosity > let it guide you to exciting new pathways. You’re cautioned against overextending yourself & losing your focus.

Ariel Wright