New Moon in Aquarius 15° February 4th @ 4:03pm EST

Hello Seekers! Happy New Moon in Aquarius! We’ve got that beautiful moon at 15° creating a dark winter night where all the stars shine bright. This new moon really feels to hold something special and deep as it merges two realities into one. While there are many realities, the two at which this moon is working to meld are the one of the ego self and the spiritual Self.

These two have lived separately for a very long time, perhaps in waves of time, coming in and out of each other like crashing waves on the shore. Whatever the case may be, the conscious shift to bring our heads into our hearts and our ego world into our spirit world is NOW! This new moon sits at 15°, a position where energy gets to experience itself in order to become aware of itself and thus TRANSFORM ITSELF.

This time is all about the big shifts and transformations that we are experiencing on individual, soul levels that are affecting the collective consciousness. This is Aquarius energy! This is transmuting our personal consciousness into TRANSPERSONAL consciousness and allowing that community energy, community evolution of ego and spirit to really forge the way to a new paradigm.

The Sabian Symbol of this degree depicts a fence that divides two gardens and two love birds singing a top that fence happily. These birds know now they can easily fly into one side of the fence or the other and see both as One. They sit ABOVE the fence indicating they have transcended the fence; indicating we have/are to transcend the divide between our egos and our spirits as we are evolving into a higher conscious set of sentient beings. Sounds alien right? IT TOTALLY IS!

This is Aquarius people! Aquarius is the alien energy of the zodiac; they are the genius, the mad scientist, the revolutionist, the exiled, the TRUTH SAYER! Aquarius don’t give a fuck if you think it’s crazy because it is on the pursuit for truth! And if you have ever stood up for the truth, you’ll know that a lot of times you get what? Exiled. It is time to stand up for the truth, our truth, higher truths, seek the truth, in all ways regardless of rejection and this means harnessing our inner Aquarius!!

Soon we’ll all be exiled and thus become a new community of truth sayers, seekers, and higher conscious paradigmers! Haha! So do not fear and be very honest with yourself at this time as you reflect inward, outward, and plant new seeds of personal identity to water and flourish as the year unfolds. It’s time to see with new eyes and gain awareness to transform and unite any conflicting duality within us, bring it to peace, let it be felt and healed, let the friction release so the suffering can cease. It’s time to stop perpetuating the cycle of karma and begin forming the pathway to peace.

We are all activated by this moon in different areas of life, in broad strokes it’s all the same; higher consciousness, spirit, ego, etc. But in more fine tuned movements, there are areas that are being activated in your life more than others with this transformative energy. Please see horoscopes for your sun sign AND rising/ascendent sign below. To know more about your sun, rising, and more click HERE for a natal chart reading!

Aries & Aries Rising

Alright you ambitious Arians! Whatever it is you set your sights on that you have been working so hard towards, is now asking you to dive deeper. Where are you going with this? Where is all this work taking you? What have you missed that needs to be reexamined before you can move forward with your dreams? Getting down to the heart of your goals and values here will be truly transformative as you get to know yourself even further. A self awareness will develop propelling you forward to make big decisions that will shape your life and put you in cahoots with strong alliances of people with the same aim/vision. The goal here is to find that clear path that merges your head and heart so that you always trail blaze with authenticity. Your ally in this process will be very clearly defining your top priorities. And you are cautioned not to hesitate when making choices as this will result in drifting, wasting precious intuitive energy. Use those instincts to tap in!

Taurus & Taurus Rising

Get ready to step out into the world Taurus! If you’ve been asking the deep questions of who you are and who you are in this society, now is a great time to go further. With the Moon, Mercury, and Lilith on your side you can dive into rich self-empowerment and really come out to the world declaring that you KNOW who you are! Whether you feel ready to step out and into a new role in your life, this time is fertile for you to see where you still need to merge conflicting beliefs, realities, and identities before you can fully step into your dharma (divine purpose & identity). Intuition is on your side here if you can just keep your ego out of the way and in alliance with your higher Self’s direction. Your ally here is integrity by truly getting to knowing yourself. You are cautioned to identify false stories you are creating, hearing, or believing about yourself that will keep you small and trapped in a limited role that you are certainly ready to outgrow!

Gemini & Gemini Rising

Ready Gemini? Strap on your hiking boots and grab your backpack – you’re going on an adventure! An adventure towards your higher self, higher education, higher intuition, higher perspective and beyond! This is a time where you’ll be really breaking out of old perspectives and ideas, seeing them clearly and how they keep you limited now, where they can be restructured, and what can be let go. When you travel, you must stay light and not hold onto anything that isn’t necessary. What is necessary as you move forward in your life now? What is necessary to expand, explore, and vision quest into the next known reality where nothing but truth remains? You are asked to break up routines to see what is old and outdated keeping your ego and intuition separate. Your ally on this quest is keeping up your bubbly sense of wonder for the world and all things new. You are cautioned not to stay stuck in old dogmatic and rigid beliefs as they will lead you to lose enthusiasm and inspiration for your new and true path forward.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

Bust out your brooms Cancer, you’ve got some psychic housecleaning to do! This moon ain’t messing around with you though things could get a little messy… This is a time where feelings will intensify and all emotional and psychological material that was once unseen will move to the surface for your observation. Your reflection on what is no longer you is EXTREMELY heightened at this time. Time is of the essence and you’re done fuckin' around with who you aren’t! You are being brave as you let brutal honesty determine what stays and goes in your field and identity moving forward. Expect tears, bliss, anger, peace, and everything in between as you slough off dead energy and realign your personality with its roots in the unconscious mind. Your ally certainly is honesty and you are cautioned against resistance, denial, and fear that will ultimately lead to depression robbing you of energy you very much need at this time! Please take time out for a bubble bath - you're gong to need it!

Leo & Leo Rising

Alright Leo, get ready to step out of yourself and into the world of THE OTHER! This is a time where you will be feeling ready to let go of “playmates” and stepping in to the world of true, lasting relationships. You’re feeling into something more and deeper as you begin to recognize others for who they are and not for the addictions and desires they fulfill for you. Though that is an often unconscious motivation, it is one to become conscious of now. Use the power of this new moon to observe and see how you’ve been moving from any selfish intentions within relationship and merge now with your new feelings of authentic connection as you see others with a new lens of love. This is a process of choosing partners and relationships and establishing long-term connections. Your ally in this endeavor is simple: love. Let love lead you, be authentic and giving and you can’t go wrong! However, you are cautioned to be aware of addiction to another person resulting in the loss of self. Stay giving and authentic!

Virgo & Virgo Rising

Be kind and gentle to yourself Virgo, you are in an all too familiar place… You are feeling the call to be of service and develop deeper skills to bring to the table of your community or society. You’re ready now to move forward by expressing a new level of competency and cultivate even more responsibility in this life. This is a beautiful thing IF you can remain humble and not become harsh, self-critical, and perfectionistic in your pursuit for higher purpose. Stay in your light where you are practical, efficient, clear, and disciplined and let this energy move you forward. You are learning to be useful here and to bring forth rich skills of healing, teaching, and the like to the world that so desperately needs it. Your ally here is your competency; you are smart, strong, and very capable of all you set your mind to. With that, you are cautioned to not fall victim to the sense of inadequacy followed by resentment and dull works. Self-love and positivity only!

Libra & Libra Rising

Let loose Libra! It’s time to stop working so hard and get out there and PLAY! Yes, you can play on a new moon, who says you can’t? This kind of play could be a variety of types from actually going out with friends to play OR more likely, being creative/artistic at home. This is a time where could have spontaneous insights into what makes you feel self-expressed and recharged. You are tapping into your intuition here as you explore what really makes you feel like YOU and not always be influenced by others, altering your reality to be in theirs. As you participate in un-self conscious play, you’ll have a deeper understanding of your ego as it shatters into the canvas where you are inspired to recreate yourself, know yourself, and express yourself. Your ally in this wonderful process is spontaneity! Don’t worry about premeditating ANYTHING – just be and trust. Be cautioned not to get lost in your shattering ego, its dramas and anything that takes away from your authentic self.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

You might need a scuba suit Scorpio, these waters look DEEP AF! You and Cancer are really taking the hit with the new moon this week. This is a time where you will be taking special care to go within. If you friends want you to come out, you may politely decline… There is a lot of deep mental and emotional observation happening here as you wake up to all your unconscious roots; karmic, familial, identity, etc. You're establishing a deep sense of self by exploring where that deep sense of self comes from. Again, this is ROOTS. As you attune to the roots of awareness around all things conscious and unconscious, you will be establishing real values and intentions to move forward with. Once the ‘whys’ of suffering come to the surface, the ‘hows’ of healing will soon follow. Your ally in this process is your feelings, let them be what they are and don’t push even the unpleasant away. However, you are cautioned not to self-indulge in these feelings as they will cause paralysis and inhibition to heal them. Feel it to heal it and let it all go!

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

You’re either in your comfort zone or not Sagittarius! You are being asked to venture out – "YAY!" And gain new perspective, letting your beliefs take the back seat – "WHAA?!" I know it can be hard to let your life beliefs & philosophies simmer to the wayside as you seek anew, but staying open with an eager curiosity is how you’ll flourish during this new moon phase. You are being asked through restless seeker energy to discover more or new purpose and direction. In order to do this, you will be casting out at random to sample the world platter full of fresh ideas, education, teachers, information, and perspectives that will guide you closer to a more holistic view of your identity/expression and the world at large! Your are in the process of observing and gathering information as you assimilate it into new self-awarenesses. Your ally on this journey is endless curiosity, though you are cautioned to not overextend and lose your focus. Stay clear AND curious!

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Keep climbing Capricorn, it’s not stopping here! You are keeping up your momentum as you continue to solidify everything from your identity, projects, goals, and dreams. Finding a place where you go inward and see where sustainable resources need to be developed so that the climb can continue is what this new moon is asking of you. This could very well be the resources you need to keep that work project flourishing or can also be what resources do you need to keep YOU and your self-esteem flourishing. What makes you feel stable, secure, and healthy? All things of this nature need to be nurtured now. Let the moon open up new perspectives and ideas of how to accomplish this and tap into your inner intentions from when you first started these pursuits. It is time to follow through and build inner and outer resources as you transform your reality. Your ally in this is your conviction, again that authentic intention from the beginning. You are cautioned here to not lose your nerve and wish to retreat into the past of old, outmoded ways of doing things. Keep up with the confidence! You got this!

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

The star of the show! Or should I say the moon of the show ;) It’s all about that Aquarian progressive, transformative energy right now and you are sitting pretty in the 1st row (house) of it all! Front row seats to watch your identity evolve and you’re ready for it. You’ve just been waiting for everyone else to catch up right? Well don’t get too self-righteous yet, we ALL have work to do. But you seem ready to do it in a radically new way, one that requires an immense amount of freedom. You need lots of room to self-represent and explore what needs to be shifted within you at this time. You’re feeling into a new identity and believing you are what you wish to become, letting your intuition and instincts take the wheel. You are in the process of reawakening to your highest potential and highest self and you know now action is the only way forward. Your ally in this endeavor is courage which you aren’t lacking, however you are cautioned not to collapse under this pressure to evolve and become shell-shocked or immobile. Keep steady!

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Feeling at home Pisces? Or are you feeling a little overwhelmed? You have developed a strong ego, collected dramas and stories, evolved your consciousness, learned from experiences, and created memories. It’s all been magical and tumultuous as human life is and now here on this new moon, it is time to let it all go and reemerge with the sense of the eternal, the sense of Source, your highest Self and Spirit. This can be a particularly difficult time as you run through the film of highlights of your life movie, knowing it is time to release it and align with an even higher aspect of self. This is not saying you're killing the ego, but are truly aligning with the new moon's intentions of uniting the ego and spirit self for a deeper life experience moving forward. This is the process of surrender and self-transcendence. Your ally in this is sensing the external power Source as your internal power Source. You are cautioned during this time to be aware of fear of change followed by bitterness, confusion and escapism. Trust that you are guided and know letting go will align you with your highest Self!

Ariel Wright