New Moon Horoscopes 7/12/18 - 7/19/18

New Moon in Cancer 20° July 12th @ 8:47 MDT

This week’s New Moon is in the watery sign of Cancer, the healer, and our personal feelings. This is a rich time to reflect on where we’ve been, rejuvenate ourselves into the present moment, and take all that we’ve learned, witnessed, and experienced to propel us forward into a more meaningful future. Cancer and Capricorn teach us that time is of the essence and there is no more time to waste with inauthentic, limited views of ourselves. This is a time to know yourself deeply, remove all that blocks you and stifles your energy, and merge fully not only with your highest potential, but the highest potential of the collective consciousness.

Use this New Moon energy to understand your true value and what it’s worth. Feel into your humanness and see that it’s vulnerability that unite us closer together. Be soft with yourself and know that stepping into these transformative times isn’t a walk in the park and requires a lot of unconditional love. When reading your horoscopes, do take time to read your rising sign as well if you know it. If you don’t know it and/or wish to know more about your birth chart contact me HERE for a reading!

Aries & Aries Rising

This may be an uncomfortable New Moon as many percolating feelings begin to surface for you. These feelings have to do with your roots; your family roots, your emotional roots, your mental roots, and so on. This is really a time to become more attune to these roots as a source of awareness about yourself. By diving deep and taking time to go inward, a greater discovery of self and emotional security will be found. Use your keen Aries instincts as you navigate these waters of deeper emotional awareness and merge from them recreated, ready to merge more fully with your passion, purpose and drive. Your ally in this evolution is deeply connecting with your feelings and instincts. Be consciously cautionary of losing yourself in emotional self-indulgence such as anger and frustration.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

For an inward energetic New Moon, you may be feeling a little all over the place with your attention. This might be a heightened state of outer or inner activity as you let curiosity and eagerness drive you to know more about how you can relate to yourself and your environment. An active internal and maybe external conversation is in motion as you feel further into what value you wish to see in your life and how to actualize that into the world. There’s so much on the horizons and asking lots of questions to know more is what drives you into this new state. You may feel pulled to teach something or feel you are learning something new about yourself. Your ally in this evolution is your eager curiosity. Be consciously cautionary of overextending with this curiosity and losing focus.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

This New Moon is not jestering about with you Gemini! There are big waves coming your way asking you to move forward fearlessly. Now that some chaos has settled, and you find yourself in a new role, you now have time to start feeling your nerves. This place, person, purpose you’ve committed to is telling you to let the past go, don’t look back. You’ve begun a new direction, stepped into a new position and now is the time to keep pressing on with follow through and establishing a solid resource base. This resource base that keeps you propelled may be in the form of actual money or perhaps an attitude change or finding a mentor. This is an opportunity to prove yourself to yourself. Your ally in this evolution is your deep conviction to your direction. Be consciously cautionary of losing your nerve and longing for what has passed.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

The New Moon and Sun are both here with you Cancer, it’s your time to shine! This will be a time of deep reflection on who you’ve been in the past and focus on who you are becoming now. You may feel seeds that you’ve cultivated are coming to fruition or a surge of energy to create anew completely. You’re ready to see and feel a new way of being and tap into a new sense of freedom. Though with freedom comes uncertainty as you navigate fresh waters that guide you to your highest self. Take this time to know your truest value and how that value of self merges you with the needs of the world around you. Your ally is in this evolution is courage and trust in yourself. Be consciously cautionary of collapsing under pressure or being “shell shocked” by these transformative energies.

Leo & Leo Rising

This New Moon may be an uncomfortable time for you or a very liberating time, or perhaps both! As you watch old parts of yourself fall away, something else can blossom. However, these old parts are old ego identities and the invitation here is to simply let them go so you can merge with a deeper sense of self and connection to the divinity of life. Leo represents the ego and just as the pendulum swings from right to left, full ego expression and full spiritual connection are available to you. This is a time to dissolve the ego through awareness and clear self-observation, evolving away from old dramas. Your ally in this evolution is connecting with your infinite self as spirit. Be consciously cautionary to the fear of change and slipping into confusion and escapism.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

The New Moon sets the stage for setting new directions and that is precisely what you are being called to do Virgo. This is a time where you are strategizing and goal setting as you discover deeply the path forward. This time of pathfinding will revolve not only around setting intentional priorities but making strong connections with other like minded groups or individuals. You are to make the decisions from within, though you will require allies and assistance along the way as you walk your chosen path. Feel into who you are deeply and allow that true self to connect meaningfully with others. Your ally in this evolution is clearly defining your priorities in order to set a focused direction. Be consciously cautionary of hesitation to make such decisions and getting lost in the in between drifting.

Libra & Libra Rising

Libra is all about connecting with the other and forming relationships, communal and romantic. This New Moon is really asking you to be seen in a major way within your community. Who are you within your community? Who are you within your relationship? If you are constantly putting on a different mask or playing a different role with others, it’s time to end the role playing and step fully into who you are, your needs, and what you have to offer. Others are ready to see what you’ve been cultivating internally; talents, skills, and all things authentically you! Expose even a fraction of who you truly are without feeling the need to please the other and a major blossoming will occur. Your ally in this evolution is staying aligned with your integrity of self. Be consciously cautionary of a false sense of self followed by the entrapment of playing into a limiting role.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Are you feeling the call? The call to expand, explore and broaden your horizons? This New Moon asks you to leave behind old dogmatic ideas and move forward with childlike curiosity and wonder as you open yourself to a new way of living. You may feel you’ve been stuck or in the dark for sometime, but this time is calling you out of those shadows and heaviness for a new perspective awaits you! This is a quest for a new vision for your life, thought process, work, relationship or whatever feels like it needs freshening up. This quest for expansive perspective will open you up to asking lots of questions that perhaps guide you to travel, meet new people, or educate yourself as you explore for answers. Let this new moon aid you in breaking up any old routines that no longer serve you. Your ally in this evolution is connecting with your sense of wonderment, letting life amaze you. Be consciously cautionary to insistent rigidity followed by disheartened states of boredom.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

As the moon is often correspondent to instincts, this New Moon digs deep into your instinctual knowing of self. You are being asked to become aware of your personality and unconscious mind, habits, and patterns in order to realign with your ultimate truth and power. Becoming aware of these inner dimensions will awaken you further into your own motivations and psychological ambiguities as you let what no longer moves you fall away. This is a time to understand a new way of owning your power and position in life and embracing the growing pains that come with deepening maturity. You are now integrating much of what you’ve learned and tapping into your inner wisdom. Your ally in this evolution is seeing yourself with honest eyes. Be consciously cautionary of resistance, denial, or fear followed by mental depressions.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Generally the New Moon has a lot do with our own inner reflection and revaluation. This is still true for you but with an extra emphasis on other people and close relationships. Old relationships and partnerships are now asked to be re-evaluated and re-calibrated in order to determine their longevity and alignment in your life. As you wish to propel forward you may find yourself struggling to do it alone and that’s because this time you require some help. This help comes from an ability to be open and more loving as you welcome in new types of people and relationships into your field. A time where you’ll cultivate lasting bonds with others who are supportive and understanding, and those who give you an insight into yourself you couldn’t gain alone. Your ally in this evolution is connecting with love and your receptive ability. Be consciously cautionary of losing yourself or identity within another through unconscious addiction to their energy.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

This New Moon is really on your side Aquarius. As the new moon digs deep for our ultimate value, you are organically pulling yourself up into your highest value as well. Stepping further into what it means to be responsible in this life and show up fully with the abilities you’ve gained and learned through life experience and study. After all that self-study and exploration, you are now being called to expand and share what you’ve attained with the world around you, especially your community. You have learned a great deal in your time and now it’s time to put hard work and self-sacrifice into helping others learn from you. Within this process you are learning what it means to be useful and connect on a more meaningful level with others. Your ally in this evolution is trusting you are fully competent and authentic. Be consciously cautionary of feeling inadequate leading into drudgery and resentment.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Are you feeling the restlessness yet? This New Moon is a self-reflective time but also a rejuvenating time, and you are being asked to rejuvenate through the act of playful spontaneity! Playing is crucial to get further in touch with our innate nature, our highest self that which is full of vitality and light. People may be trying to pull you out of any ego traps that keep you stagnate and not progressing forward. These people might literally be trying to pull you out to go dancing, swimming, or road tripping; the energy of the times wants you to go for it! Don’t think, just play. Let this time break you out of any crusted patterns that no longer serve you or the others. Your ally in this evolution is connecting with your inner child that craves spontaneous play. Be consciously cautionary of getting lost in ego trips and mazes of childish personal dramas.

Ariel Wright