Jestering Gemini

The Twins that You've Been Trying to Understand ...

If you were able to read the last post on Taurus, which I highly recommend reading these in order of the 12 signs, then you will know I started that post with an analogy from another astrologer named Steven Forest. You can find that post on Taurus here! Lets continue with that imagery shall we ;)

In a big and beautiful bang, a plane crashes itself into the forest. As we become conscious, aware of our hands, feet, and body, we move from spirit to matter landing here merged into One. The bodily instincts take over as we stand up, shake off any debris, drinking in all the new sensations our five senses are readily pulling in. As the body finds grounding on the Earth, we begin to look around, to see things, to observe things...

Awaken the Gemini!!

Thus far we have Pisces as the plane - our Spirit, Aries as our body and instincts, Taurus as our five senses, and now we have Gemini - our consciousness. Gemini cracks the windows peering out, beginning to ask questions concerning the external environment in relation to the internal needs. "Is there water here? Where can I find food? Is anyone else here?" Opening the door of the plane Gemini gets out and starts to see where and how it can connect to its environment.

Gemini is the Twins constantly gathering information. They piece together ideas, philosophies, directions, clues, and formulate the vibrant template of conscious intellect. They change their mind rapidly due to the high volume of new information they are ingesting everyday. This constant change can be likened to their elemental quality, air. Air is light, mobile, and changes directions easily and often. Much can be said about a Gemini! Not only is this the nature of air, it is also the nature of Gemini's mutable modality.

Mutable energy is energy that changes due to external influences. As a seed grows and penetrates through the earth, the stem and leaves may grow towards the sunlight, maybe growing towards the shade of another plant, as well as adjusting its exterior to harbor the climate around it. This is the mutable nature of a seed that has made its way into a budding plant. Much like how Gemini is the budding of new consciousness.

"I think, I think, I think..."

Gemini needs to communicate with others and learn from others. A key phrase for Gemini is 'Adapting to Social and Intellectual Learning'. They are the observer, the student, and the teacher. Drinking in other's actions, reactions, patterns, behaviors, gestures, facial expressions, Gemini considers it all clues to the secret of life. One piece of information from you and another from him and her may lead them on a scavenger hunt in the mind all day!

This being said, one of their biggest focuses is networking. Gemini is about friends, brothers, sisters, neighbors, coworkers, acquaintances, and even strangers! But no one is a stranger to Gemini after about 5 minutes! They'll find a way to connect with you before you even tell them your name. Which they might forget at first due to the high number of people these social butterflies meet everyday. I also must add, Gemini is quite the jester. Making jokes and finding the humor in life situations is something they do best! You can usually rely on Gemini to lighten the tension and clear the air with a quick witted joke or humorous insight. In mythology, the twins are known as the trickster - with inquisitive minds and quick wit they find ways to talk people into a maze where no one but them usually gets out ;)

This innate ability to talk and chatter away is heavily influenced by their planetary ruler, Mercury. Mercury is the capacity to think, speak, learn, and reason with its key words being thought, communication, and association. Gemini with Mercury is how these twins associate with their environment based on the information they've gathered, forming it into clear thought and communicating with those around them. There is so much to be seen, done, and said, the twins are tirelessly curious...

curiouser and curiouser...

This curiosity is one of their biggest strengths and resources. Gemini's curiosity drives them ceaselessly and thankfully vitality and youth stay on their side. They are constantly keeping up with the newest, latest and greatest of anything they're interested in. They must have all the updated information so their thoughts and ideas stay relevant in order for them to keep moving forward with right action. This ability to move forward is also related to the masculine energy that is associated with Gemini (remember all the air and fire signs are masculine or yang).

Though these twins are constantly thinking and moving through information, Gemini in its purest form is beyond opinions. Ultimately, they observe without judgment only to be in constant wonder and awe of how mother nature blooms a flower, how the rain falls on the ocean, how one consciousness communicates with another. They collect information, observations, and experiences always hesitating to form premature conclusions. They strive to stay open and curious.

Gemini is a Personal sign representing 'Personal Thinking'. This personal thought can lead them on a beautiful life experience as they stay open and wondrous, however, there is risk for the opposite... Living in a world of duality, Gemini can be intelligent, knowledgable, communicative, and adaptable while also at risk of being intangible, unemotional, gossipy, and indecisive. Some ways to keep Gemini's qualities in their pure expression is by having calm, heart felt, one-on-one conversations with others that make you feel you have nothing to verbally prove. Creating an environment where thoughts and ideas can flow freely without judgement and jousting will keep Gemini open and accessible.

"To unravel the secrets of the world..."

Ultimately, we have the Twins. Some have said they are "bi-polar, have split personalities, or are superficial". While there is always shadow, none of these are true for Gemini. There isn't two of them, there is multiples of them! They are a multi-faceted personality due to their ability to see things from not one, not two, but infinite amount of angles. When they are with you they are seeing and thinking from the perspective you put them in as they observe the setting they are currently experiencing. And when they are with another friend, coworker, stranger, they are adapting to that new setting as they express the part of them that is gathering information in those interactions.

No one can adapt quite like a Gemini nor sees the world from so many perspectives. They truly stand in a place of fascination. Steven Forest says they are "to unravel the secret of the world. To gather all the clues. To see everything. That is Gemini's endpoint." Go forth to expand, and change, and grow out of one idea to the next in constant pursuit of lifes beautiful mystery! Stay tuned next for deep insight into everyones favorite watery Cancer <3 Om~

Ariel Wright