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The Bull You Want On Your Side

If you were able to read the last post on Aries, which I highly recommend reading these in order of the 12 signs, then you will know I ended that post with an analogy from another astrologer named Steven Forest. You can find that post on Aries here! Lets continue with that imagery ;)

In a big and beautiful bang, a plane crashes itself into the forest. As we become conscious, we look at our hands, our feet, our body. We have moved from spirit to matter and landed here merged into one. As the bodily instincts take over to stand up, shake off any debris, and assert ourselves on our own two feet, we begin to feel things...

Thus far we have Pisces as our plane - our Spirit, Aries as our body and instincts, and now Taurus as our 5 senses with emphasis on touch and physical feeling. As we stand up we begin to hear sounds, feel the heat on our skin, taste and smell the odors around us, and see objects, materials, Earth.

Taurus, an earth sign, is solid, grounded, and secure like Mother Earth. A key phrase for Taurus is 'Stabilizing Material Security'. They are the builders of the zodiac, confident and resourceful on how to create structures that will last the test of time whether that be a home, a relationship, a job; Taurus is the sustainer, much like Vishnu. Above all else in the zodiac, Taurus can oh so patiently build something and maintain it with a sense of permanence. What we run into here is the stubborn bull or the fixed modality of Taurus.

" I have" - Materials, Resources

Tho Taurus is inexplicably talented and resourceful, it is a fixed earth sign. Not only is the element ruling like the ground itself, but the fixed modality gives these natives a deep resistance to change. They want stability, security, timeless permanence in their work of life and will do everything in their power to keep it that way. This can be dangerous for Taurians because it may mean staying in a job they hate, staying with someone who they've committed to who treats them poorly, or living in a home that no longer suits them.

The fixed stage for a seed to grow is inside the seed itself. Tho it is safe inside the seed and has everything you would need, eventually the seed will need more, more nutrients and eventually sunlight in oder to grow. So be open to new ideas, people, places, and energy, it will only help you! And Taurians will grow because they do want to be around others, they are after all ruled by the planet Venus.

Venus is the planet of love, relationships, and friendships. Venus gives Taurus the energy to create long lasting friendships and relationships with deep love. Taurians are not so much about having a million friends or acquaintances, but rather a few very valuable, close friends that they can shower on their birthday and be there for them whenever they might need. Needless to say, Taurus is quite dependable. Not only are they there when you need them, they're a great person to lean on for advice on pretty much everything!

Being ruled by Venus and being a feminine sign, (remember all earth and water signs are feminine or yin) Taurians give great advice on anything from love and relationships, how to build your home, to how to decorate it! They have a very keen sense for aesthetics and an eye for beauty. After all, they are Aphrodite, beauty in its truest form. Romantic, beautiful, and sensual, Taurians really are a sight to be seen!

Balls, gowns, jewelry - the finer things...

They tend to love the finer things in life, fine wines and food, quality clothes and shoes, fluffy blankets and pillows. Tho they are conservative with their resources, the word of caution can be risk of frivolity. Like I've mentioned before, all light has a shadow. Yes, Taurus can be resourceful, sensitive, dependable, and secure but they also can swing just as far in the opposite direction. Another key statement for Taurus is 'I Have'. Be aware of being frivolous, selfish, possessive, self-indulgent, and lazy. Because Taurus rules the 5 senses which are essentially ego, they can have a tendency to be a bit egocentric.

This is much like their preceding sign Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. The idea about these first 4 signs in the first quadrant of the zodiac wheel is they're all personal signs. Personal as in personal needs, wants, and desires. As Carl Jung has said there is basically 4 qualities of the human; instinct, feeling, thinking, and sensation. This can actually be applied easily to each zodiac sign in a rhythmic pattern. We combine those qualities with 'personal', we now have the first 4 signs as: Aries - Personal Instinct, Taurus - Personal Sensation, Gemini - Personal Thinking, and Cancer - Personal Feeling.

So as you can see, the first part of the zodiac has a personal focus and with that, a lower level of over-all consciousness. Their consciousness revolves around their needs and wants thus far, which I will emphasis is very important because if you don't know yourself how can you know anyone or anything else! But this can lead to difficulty in relationship and work life, when consciousness isn't opening up how to assert ourselves into society. No need to worry tho, all these personal signs will learn exactly what they're meant to do because self-awareness is key!

"To be infinitely complex and yet still simple"

Ultimately, we have the bull. Not the bull in the china shop, but the bull under a tree grazing peacefully in a grassy field. Lets not assume Taurians don't have a fierce bull inside, they do, but you will seldom ever see it. They are peaceful people and really desire harmony for themselves and others. As Steven Forest has said, Taurus' goal is to find serenity and to keep it; to be infinitely complex and yet still simple. Lets not always put the classic labels on Taurus that "they're a stubborn bull", we all have a stubborn bull in us and what Taurians really are is peace and security.

Now if our grounded, beautiful, peaceful Taurus didn't excite you enough, stay tuned next time for the inner workings of Gemini! That's Me! A total basket case haha ;) Kidding Geminians! Thank you for reading, now go subscribe and love a Taurus <3 Om~

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Ariel Wright