Assertive Aries

The Ram to Start a Revolution

The cosmos were churning, the stars were exploding, and matter was forming... Out from the white light beams a sentient being. From the depths of spirit evolves a body; Pisces giving way to Aries. The Self was born.

Aries, the beginning of the zodiac and the beginning of separation. When arriving into the body, the separation from spirit and source begins. This does not mean connection to those things no longer exists, but the essence of Aries is unconscious bodily instincts that pioneer us into this three-dimensional realm.

Aries is the Ram and fittingly so, they are head strong charging forward with no fear of the unknown. The quote from Steven Forest "victory or self-destruction in the effort to attain it: two destinies. One will claim him." is suiting as Aries penetrates ahead almost unaware of any consequences while relying on pure instincts. Aries may come out victorious in their resilience to attain what they desire, or they may run themselves into the ground trying to get there.

I will not be slowed down . Push Forward...

Not much will slow down a Sun in Aries or Mars in Aries, as Mars is Aries ruling planet. Mars also harboring the expression of physical instincts and desires powered by heat and aggression, fuels the force of Arians. Having your natal Mars in Aries is a powerful placement when achieving goals in your life, getting things done, and accomplishing dreams and desires. Mars in Aries is passionate, bold, and conquering, propelling these natives to manifest whatever their hearts desire in this world.

As we may have guessed from all this heat, Aries is a fire sign. All fire signs are masculine or yang. Fire signs tend to be ambitious, assertive, and aggressive. This can sometimes be off putting, but as long as these natives delve into deeper spiritual realms, their intentions will be pure. They are the trail blazers and stand up for what is just with a fury! An Aries friend is always nice to have because they got yo back and they aren't afraid to stand up for what they believe in!

Being a masculine sign also gives way to being logical and materialistic. Not necessarily materialistic as in shallow, but materialistic as in able to manifest physical results. They are who you want when you are protesting against pollution or for human rights. They will take action, take charge, and see things through no matter what it takes. They are fierce, sharp, and their fire burns away illusions and delusions. They have the ability to see clearly, however there is always a polarity to all qualities...

Because Aries is the first incarnate into the physical body, their consciousness is still somewhat in the dark. They are instinctive like animals, sometimes taking action when they don't know why. This is a beautiful placement for intuition, but inhabiting a body with an ego that says " I am" sometimes can say "I am the best. I am the strongest. I am the winner." Aries is very physically inclined and can be very competitive. There can be an overall arrogance to these natives. Lost in their ego and unable to become more conscious with self-awareness, their beautiful ability for clear seeing becomes clouded.

As the zodiac signs go on, they become more conscious. We give Aries the grace for they plunged ahead into the unknown to attain physical bodies. They can be quite the handful as children and young people, but over time, their consciousness evolves and they develop much needed self-awareness now coupled with impeccable intuition. Aries really is a lovely expression of cosmic energy!

I initiate. I take action. I am.

Aries actually inhabits a lot of faith in many ways. They might not call it faith right away, but their ability to charge forward with no fear, straight into the shadows of the unknown not really questioning what might happen, can be seen as a way of trusting destiny. Due to the primal nature, they just sense their direction and know to take initiative. I guess it's a little late to say it and rather obvious, Aries is also a cardinal sign!

Cardinal meaning growth, action, penetrating. In the cardinal states of a seeds growth, it penetrates through the soil, forging ahead into the unknown but ultimately out of the shadows and towards the light. This is Aries, as well as the other cardinal signs Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Cardinal is discovering new heights and allowing change to happen along the way. In many ways cardinal is transformation. With Aries being a fire sign and cardinal, they have an insurmountable ability to conquer and transform whatever they set their minds eye on.

A word of caution for Aries; beware of your anger. There is so much heat and passion propelling Aries with all that Mars energy, that explosive aggression is a threat. Becoming easily frustrated or fed up will lead these natives to be volatile and relentless. There is much at risk when you lose your temper, relationships, work, love, family; keeping your cool is part of the mastery in Aries self-realization journey. However, it is also their ability to get easily frustrated or fed up when things aren't going in a fair, just direction that propels change for the better. To apply this heated aggression towards progress in society, your life, or your job is really a crucial way Aries gets things done. As long as the intention is pure, the way to get there can be pure too.

I take conscious action for the betterment of humanity

Lastly, I want to end with an analogy that one of my favorite astrologers introduced to explain the 12 zodiac signs. His name is Steven Forest and the analogy he used was likening the 12 signs to a cosmic plane crash. The plane crashing is Pisces, the spirit crashing into the earth. Emerging from that plane is Aries, the body, the Self. Aries coming out of this traumatic event strong, looking at the hands and feet, instinctively knowing how to use them, recognizing the body as their own.

After this awareness of self, comes the attributes of Taurus. And well, you'll just have to stay tuned next week when I expand on Taurians ;) Thank you so much for reading and I hope you got a little further insight on the oh so courageous Aries! Now go look at your chart and find out where that Mars and Aries is :) Om Shanti~

Ariel Wright