My name is Ariel Wright and I am a born & raised Alaskan wild child full of energy & love for nature & animals! I come from a small, inland town called Fairbanks known as the heart of Alaska. It is here where my whole life began & my healing journey started & I couldn't be more thankful for my big, loving family whose always supported me along the way! 

Being from Alaska is just how you'd think > bears, blueberries, & really, REALLY cold ass winters!! I loved being outside & going on new adventures into the woods & mountains just to be lucky enough to find rushing rivers or creeks along the way. Side note about me - I LOVE moving water! RIVERS YES!! Okay > continuing on.... 


Life was pretty great and as time went on I did what many people do as they get older & I went to college. I attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks for Biology. I figured the most important things to know & understand was the vessel that I inhabit (my body) and the environment in which I live. So I stayed much longer than desired in the cold, harsh Alaskan winter studying away in sterile labs > don't get me wrong, I did have some fun! But over time the darkness of the winter, the traumas of the past, & the chaos that which was my mind overtook me & little did I know, my life began to take it's largest turning point towards my healing journey... 


Issues from the past bubbled up during my time in college & I developed my BIGGEST teacher yet > anxiety. Not just stage fright jitters type anxiety, a deep rooted anxiety that penetrated my whole life. A restless energy that seemingly couldn’t be tamed & wanted out anyway it could. It wrestled out of me in the form of panic attacks so terrible it sent me to the ER having me believe I was legit dying! It took over my heart & respiratory leaving me with poor cardiac rhythm, heart palpitations, and a rib cage so tightened with fear, it was as if I developed asthma chronically.


So in a nutshell, I was a disaster to that severity for about 5-6 years. Everything fell apart > my work life, school life, love life, even some friendships. Overall, my quality of life went on a rapid decline from feeling very social, academic, & an exercise fiend to > holing up, shutting down, & unable to exert myself almost at all. I got the best of both worlds, anxiety AND depression! WOOHOO!! (Humor is my saving grace)


Of course I think this is the worst time of my life while it’s happening. I know nothing of why my quality of life is now the way it is nor understand myself deeply. Why? There must be a reason for all this. 6+ years of life shattering anxiety & developed health issues for what? What am I being taught here!? Well, that is answered almost simply now (hindsight's 20/20).

After the 6 year struggle things came into my life timely as the universe would have it. Though I started studying & doing yoga when I was 17 y.o. (big thanks to Jessica my teacher!), it came back into my life much deeper when I was 24-25 y.o. Yoga & meditation was the first conscious shift into knowing myself, exercising my intuition, & the beginning of my healing. The meditation I was drawn to was a Vipassana style meditation along with Astanga Yoga. These forms along with the magical teacher of them both > Linda, helped me begin the plunge into my deepest & darkest self.


Years went by doing meditation & yoga where I learned that there was so much honest light in these dark aspects of self. Unearthing my baggage (karma) has been some of the messiest, most exhilarating & authentic experiences I have attained in this life. As I unpacked my suitcases full of my past & present life shit I thought > “WOW! Does this thing ever empty?! Am I going to stop unpacking this and get to the bottom already??”

So accept it -  my shit suitcase, my traumas, the hell I’ve caused my body & now I need to figure out how to heal. It’s all me & it’s all not me. It’s all equally meaningful & meaningless. The world > the universe > the multiverse lives in some strange duality that leaves me curious enough to keep seeking some truth that I believe is universal to us all.


I craved more philosophy but I also knew

I need to heal my Body

Ayurveda was one of the next massive shifts in my consciousness. I’ve been studying nutrition & the body my whole life - literally since I was 12 y.o. I innately knew there had to be something more holistic out there, more all encompassing of the mind > body > spirit complex. I knew it wasn't the Atkins diet or an hour a day on an elliptical… Com’on!!

Lucky for me I didn’t have to go searching for it. Ayurveda, like so many things, found me through a cookbook my sister gave me. After literally the third page of the intro, I knew.

I stopped 75% way through my BS in Biology at the UAF and began going to the California College of Ayurveda to immerse myself in this ancient study, science, & language of the mind, body, & soul. (Now going back at UAF for Psychology!)


I learned about myself deeply, though it took years to really implement my understanding to my healing journey. I am still in a constant state of learning & truly believe that is the essence of this earthly life…


Now I have already given some massive shout outs and credit to my homies Yoga & Ayurveda, but it all couldn’t be possible without my ultimate sidekick & partner in crime - Astrology! Astrology is like the juice to my orange, the jelly to my peanut butter, the rock to my roll, the sushi to my soy sauce > okay that’s probably cheesy enough!


This is another ancient science & wisdom that taps into some of your oldest wounds, most profound insights, & deepest truths of who you are > why you’re here < and how to move forward. Learning astrology has been a keystone language that has helped me unlock some of my most knotted up emotions, cleared off the foggiest mirrors of self illusions, & tapped me so much further into my intuition. I wouldn’t be able to know myself as clearly today if it wasn’t for my dear friend astrology <3

Through this and more I shifted the old paradigm of self-doubt, external blame, & dis-empowerment. It's been a long journey of self depreciation, body-shaming, victim consciousness, anxiety, depression, & fear > but I finally feel ready to embrace myself wholeheartedly.


Learning to love the light & the shadow equally, choosing only to discern & not to judge. I accept who I am & have committed myself to a life of always choosing love over fear & kindness over hatred. It is my wish & I believe my dharma (divine purpose) to help others come to this place of alignment & self-acceptance. To discover the love & power within themselves through self reflection, meditation, diet, yoga, astrology, developing intuition, & so much more.  It is with my deepest love for you all that we can feel whole again. I am thankful for each & everyone of you in the world at this time. We are warriors of love & I am honored to stand beside you <3

knowing myself ~ loving myself 

With so much Love & Light,

Ariel Wright