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alchemy // a seemingly magical process of transformation & creation

Welcome! I am beyond excited you're here & have clicked this far with intrigue. I can tell you right now that if you're looking to become an astrologer or just desire to learn more about astrology to gain a deeper understanding of self, then you're in the right place! I created this course because I am truly alchemically transformed through studying astrology. I predominantly study Evolutionary Astrology & along the way have had many intuitive downloads from the astrology gods/goddesses that have brought me more pieces to this ancient wisdom. 

What I've learned is the wheel of the zodiac represents the maturation of consciousness as it evolves from ego to spirit. This understanding has brought me closer & closer to healing myself & gaining answers to some of the most difficult questions. The study of astrological aspects has allowed me even deeper access to my intuitive abilities & my cellular wisdoms + memories. It has aided me in so much of my spiritual journey to understand myself more fully as well as others. I 100% know it will do the same for you. Read on for further exploration!

What is astrology?

Astrology dates back over 2,400 years ago. It is one of the most ancient sciences used to predict future outcomes, people's destiny, and even personality traits. This is the theory that the stars & planets are a reflection of the human (potentially non-human) existence here on Earth. Some people may use astrology for fortune telling, however, I think it is much better used to gain deep self-awareness in order to truly understand the human experience we are all having. Astrology does not dictate how you live your life, it only gives the propensity for somethings to be the way it is. Free will is a human birth right & you can choose whatever you'd like to be & however you'd like to live. I often liken astrology to the weather - if it is raining you have a choice to put on a rain coat, grab an umbrella, run around naked - it's completely up to you how you choose to deal with the weather. Just like it's completely up to you how you deal with the astrology in your chart & the aspects that surrounds you. 

What does astrology do?

Astrology illuminates what we are here to work on. Yes, there is work to do here people! That is why we're here & that is what astrology helps us to understand. This work often is leading us to balance & the zodiac loves to encourage balance. There’s always a duality/polarity that we are trying to balance. This balance is the pathway to the goals of life as it moves us closer to contentment, peace, & love. These are the true goals of life. 

Astrology also helps us find direction & purpose! Self-awareness is the chart’s ultimate goal – your reconnection & remembrance of your soul’s database that guides you closer to this direction & purpose. Everything you need to know is already within you, it's just a matter of unlocking it & remembering. Astrology is one of the many keys to aid in this journey. 

Why use astrology?

Astrology helps us to connect deeper with ourselves, others, & the world at large. Astrology really shows us that the majority of our hardships, karmas & samskaras that we’ll deal with in this incarnation cycle is revealed through the natal chart. Change doesn’t happen that quickly nor does evolution. I think that’s obvious when we even observe it in nature. With that being said, most of the things you’ll struggle with, which really are just helping you heal & evolve necessary parts of the soul & self, will be a lot of the same throughout this lifetime.

When we look at transit charts we really just see more aspects activating, challenging, or guiding us into these states of evolution that we see laid out in the natal chart. We generally are posed with these opportunities (planetary aspects) throughout our entire life until we heal & evolve past that lesson. Thus when it comes up again & we’ve done the work, a new energy is accessed during these intense & amplified planetary aspects that wake our charts (our souls) up. Here we can derive great power & move into a new evolutionary cycle through each incarnation moving forward. So why use astrology? To evolve past suffering & into our highest & best self of course!




to be a clear reflection of others rather than a projection onto others

develop such high self-awareness your consciousness will evolve

become so intune with energy that your intuitive abilities will guide you

who should take your astrological alchemy course?

the top 3 things you'll learn in your astrological alchemy course //

bonus - You'll become an incredibly well-versed, intutive astrology reader!

- deep self awareness

- a strong understanding of the human dynamic

- to become an astrolger & read charts 

- to awaken to your endless possibilities 

This course is for anyone seeking //

- to develop your intutive abilities 

- to understand energy

- to be a guide in uncertain times 

- true compassion through understanding  


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