I am so glad you're here!

You might be asking yourself what has brought you here. Well, if you clicked this far then perhaps you are feeling to a certain degree one of the following ways...

  • low energy

  • sluggish

  • bloated 

  • fatigued

  • lacking passion

  • lacking hope

  • mood swings

  • directionless/lost

  • sore and stiff

  • tight and achy

  • anxious

  • depressed

I'm here to tell you we can change this! YOU can change this...


If you didn't already know, Ganesha is one of the many Hindu deities known as the remover of obstacles. You may have seen Ganesha before, the elephant with many arms. Though this journey has absolutely nothing to do with any religious beliefs, I chose Ganesha as my intention for the great self-awareness it brings. Not only is there a removal of obstacles, but obstacles are put in place in order for us to learn how to dissolve them. To me, this represents dissolving: 

- limiting beliefs

- debilitating habit patterns

- negative emotions

- ruminating thoughts 

- imbalances in the body

- toxins within the body

- illusions/delusions

- disconnection with spirit  

This life is a journey - a journey through our karmic past and present ever moving and evolving into our future. Pain and suffering seems to be an inevitable part of this evolution, but what if we could live more free of dis-ease? What if we could live with more energy and love for ourselves and all beings? What if there is simply more than meets the eye? I'm here to instill faith that there is and introduce the One key concept that will be propelling this entire journey:

In order to truly break the cycle of karma and live fully in Love aligned with Pure Source and Spirit, we must recognize and dissolve the illusion of separation between us and all things. This includes the illusion that our bodies are separate from our emotions and spirit - everything is intertwined and connected through the cosmic web of seen and unseen energy. 

With an east meets west approach, the tools used will be a fusion of eastern teachings and western teachings:

Merging of Worlds

In order to break the cycle of karma and recognize and dissolve the illusion of separation, we will be working with three main focuses:







~Integrating and Healing the Past (Karma)​

~Transforming and Transcending Ego Limitations 

~Awakening and Aligning with Spirit 

Through the act of remembering by utilizing our Divine mind, body, spirit as a cosmic database filled with all the answers we seek - we will tap in, tune in, listen, feel, heal, and awaken. 

With a teacher - student dynamic, we will move through the concepts, principles, and applied practices of the 6 main tools to be used as we navigate uncharted depths.

To be included are: 

  • Yoga Poses for Your Dosha  

  • The 8 Limbs of Yoga 

  • Meditation Guidelines  

  • 2-3 Astrology Chart Readings: Past~Present~Future

  • Clarity Breathwork 

  • Tuning into Intuition Centers in the Body

  • The Power of our Word Choices

  • Ayurvedic Constitution Test 

  • Doshic Food Guidelines w/ Food Combining, Food Tips, Eating with the Season, a Look into Health Offenders, and More!

  • 20 Recipes for Your Unique Mind, Body, Spirit 

  • Subtle Light Body Cleanse/Practices

  • Ayurvedic Routines & Therapies to Aid Balance 

  • ...and much more!


What You'll Need ~

A curious mind   

an open heart






Ariel Wright