Ready to learn completely at your own pace? With a teacher who will also give you insights into your unique mind-body design, let's navigate the uncharted waters of Ayurvedic Principles for deeper self-transformation! 

Learn the intuitive language and art to your health & happiness!
dive into topics such as:

> Ayurvedic Philosophy

> Ayurvedic Anatomy 

> Ayurvedic Physiology

> Your unique mind-body type & how to integrate healing practices

> Ayurvedic Psychology 

> Ayurvedic Pathology

> Disease Development  

> Healing with herbs & spices 

> Bringing in Balance


If you've been curious about Ayurveda and its ancient secrets to whole health, balance & vitality and are looking for a tutor for deeper insight, you're in the right place! Work with me one-on-one either in person or online via Skype, FaceTime, or even just over the phone. Together we'll decode the answers for a healthy mind, body & spirit along your wisdom seeking journey! Not sure if you're ready or have more questions? Access my eBook on some of the top foundations of Ayurveda and get a quick Key to the Doshas or feel free to contact me! Looking forward to raising our consciousness together :)


Ariel Wright