So why cleanse with the full moon? Well, our bodies hold onto the most fluid during this time & what that really means is our bodies are holding onto the most toxicity during this time. As the body has a difficult time flushing during these full moon cycles, what we can do is be sure to take in pure & clean foods, drinks, & routines to aid in the movement of these toxins. That might be the down side of the full moon, but the upside is immense amount of energy comes with it! This is a perfect time to harness her energy to recharge & rejuvenate!

So why cleanse with the new moon? Well, during this time our bodies release the most fluid & what that really means is our bodies are ready & willing to flush out as many toxins as possible as long as they have the fluids as a vehicle to do so. As the body has a difficult time flushing during the full moon cycles, the new moon cycle is where we can really take advantage of her energy to purify on a much deeper level than we would during a full moon. This is a perfect time to harness her energy to renew & purify!

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Especially close to my heart is those suffering from Candidias. Rid yourself of brain fog, debilitating headaches, chronic fatigue, bloating, gas, poor BMs, and more. This protocol is designed to kick the hell out of your candida overgrowth and summon it back to the bellows of your small intestine where it belongs! Don't suffer another minute - kick the candida NOW!

Don't hesitate to get a cookbook entirely vegan, unprocessed, Ayurvedic, and entirely designed to help those on Candida diets without missing out on things like cookies, breads, and pasta! Just because you're suffering from Candida, doesn't mean your diet has to suffer too! Not just for candida, nourish yourself with high vibratory foods and an intuitive guide to cooking!

Jump into a 3-day weekend totally dedicated to healing your gut, tapping into your mind, tuning into your body & totally restoring balance to your being with a 3 day kitchari cleanse! Kitchari is a tridoshic meal in Ayurveda meant to help reset & settle digestion. This is best to take on when you don't have too much to do but just rest & pamper yourself. Jump-start your health now!

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