If you've ever had a chart reading, you'll know that everyone sees a chart a little differently. This is the beauty of being the vessel which interprets such ancient science and philosophy, many perspectives for the ever evolving life! I use the principles and guidelines of Evolutionary Astrology as founded by Jeffrey Wolf Green.

One's astrological chart is said to reflect 10% conscious ego and 90% unconscious spirit. The goal for interpreting your chart is to make the unknown known. To become conscious of the spirit's purpose will allow one to align deeper by removing obstacles between the ego's agenda for life & the soul's evolution for life. This awareness is a place where the ego & soul can meet, work together, in hopes to release the ties of karma and awaken to bliss & harmony! 

 By attaining a chart reading, it is my hopes to help bring awareness to one's innate nature > reflect on where you've been > see where you are at now & illuminate where you might be going. Come with a curiosity, an open mind & questions that will help guide you closer to your Divine nature as Spirit. With your interest of self-inquiry, we will navigate your unique starseed blueprint. If you wish to know more about your soul's evolution, it's just an easy click away!

[ comes with recording & brief written overview ] 

"Instead of the mind trying to comprehend the universe, we use the universe as a key to comprehending the mind."                       


     - Steven Forest

" I felt so blessed to be able to work with Ariel.  I felt an immediate connection and understanding between us when she read my chart. The reading was really enlightening and I felt validated in many aspects of my life.  I was so inspired by the reading that I invited her to read for a group of friends. Each one of them had nothing but positive things to say about their experience and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone else.  Thank you Ariel! "

- Rebecca 

Ariel Wright