"Ariel came into my life at the perfect time, I reached a point where some things did not make any sense in my life anymore. I needed clarity and some help in understanding my life in general. I found Ariel and her Just A Phase Astrology on a serendipitous browsing session on Instagram. Her five week long Intuition Upgrade course is complete and thorough. She is multi-talented, professional, knowledgeable, passionate, kind and friendly. 


 I was very pleased and nourished with the time I have spent with her going over astrology charts, tarot readings, Ayurveda and self care tips. I really appreciate the time, energy and personal wisdom she put into helping me see through my life and potential. She did not say things just to please me. She told me with very kind words what was my potential, the mistakes I had been doing in the past and what I had to do to get to where I could be. 

You'll not only talk with her one-on-one, but you'll also have lots of materials and documents to study to better your knowledge and improve your life. Each week has a fantastic meditation recording, which I have to say - best meditation sessions I have had the fortune to experience! She really helped me through a stressful time of my life and her course and meditations helped me focus, rest and re-balance.

I highly recommend Ariel in all aspects. She gently took me by the hand to guide me on a beautiful and luminous path. 

Thank you Ariel!"

- Cristina

"I felt so blessed to be able to work with Ariel.  I felt an immediate connection and understanding between us when she read my chart. The reading was really enlightening and I felt validated in many aspects of my life.  I was so inspired by the reading that I invited her to read for a group of friends. Each one of them had nothing but positive things to say about their experience and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone else.  Thank you Ariel!"

- Rebecca

Getting my chart read by Ariel was such a great experience. I have always been interested in delving more deeply into my chart and how it affects my personality and world view, and she made it so user friendly and understandable. Ariel is easy to connect with and it felt like we were old friends, she totally nailed my personality. She understood me on a deep level and her knowledge of astrology was very impressive. I would recommend her to any and everyone, and I will definitely be back to get a more comprehensive reading for my whole family.

- Cassandra

"Upon meeting Ariel, first thing I felt comfortable and supported. I felt like she truly took the time and cared about what she was telling me. The biggest thing I took away from having Ariel do my chart is a better understanding of where I've been, where I am now and where I am headed. It has allowed me even more to be the person I am meant to be, the person I know I am! It has empowered me!"

- Justine

Ariel is a vibrant being who has a deep connection to source energy. She takes this responsibility seriously and does not undertake to assist or help on a superficial level. During our individual reading, I was overwhelmed with new information about my chart that helped me understand feelings and intuitive insights about myself and the way I am in the world that I'd been experiencing since childhood. She provided an insight grounded in evolutionary astrology, which resonated deeply with me and unlocked a window into deeper wisdom about by my soul's journey than I had been allowing myself to receive previously. Overall, a life changing experience that has allowed me to better see and understand my own path in service to humanity and has validated what I have already learned on my intuitive journey.

- Sara


I had such an amazing session with Ariel! She really knows her astrology and explains it clearly and in a tangible way. Ariel’s insight was right on point and helped me to bridge the gap of what I’m emotionally going though and how that relates to my chart. She pointed out my strengths and also helped me identify areas of my psyche that can trip me up or keep me stagnant. She helped fill in gaps of my psychological patterning and habits. I feel as if my session with Ariel helped me to deepen my understanding of myself and equipped me with the tools and direction to become a better version of myself. Our session was filled with laughter and left me feeling more empowered, invigorated and energized. 


I’m so grateful I found Ariel and was able to have a session with her. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to get a better understanding of themselves and their habits."

- Stephanie

I enjoyed Ariel’s knowledge, energy, passion and enthusiasm for her work and humor too of course.  I felt very comfortable opening up to Ariel.

- Matt

"Ariel is an enthusiastic and comprehensive astrological practitioner. We met in a group session where she reviewed basic principles of astrology and then personally read each of our charts. She had the ability to make seemingly complex ideas come to focus for each of us as a larger group and individually. I was moved by my chart reading; Ariel's approach is both sensitive and supportive and I appreciated her candor and wit throughout the whole session."

- Erin

Ariel Wright