welcome to single sessions

Welcome to single sessions! This is a service I have available for those who want to take things one step at a time to move in a direction of evolution.


Here we will integrate Ayurveda, Astrology, Light Coaching & intuitive guidance to help illuminate this direction of how to keep you evolving forward & living more joyously in the now & where in your life needs that attention. I will bring the torch to help illuminate anything that needs to come out from the shadows! I facilitate a spectrum of connection from teacher, empath & best friend!


You don’t need to feel you’ll be stuck just working on one thing the entire time, there is always time to revise & refocus on new issues, dreams, struggles & expansion at anytime. When you’re working with me, there are no limits, not even the sky! Let us venture in mind, body & soul to keep you developing & integrating your Highest Self for optimal wellness. You’re beyond worth it!!

Ariel Wright