Unlike a natal & progressed chart, a compatibility chart reading compares two charts to one another. This is usually your natal chart compared to a loved one, a partner, a family member, a friend, etc. This a pretty involved reading & should be taken on by those who deeply want to know more about their connection & relationship to another person to see how compatible they are, where they might have issues, where they will find ease & everything in between!

As a general rule, it’s important you have the consent of the other person > if possible < to attain this reading & dive into the sensitivities that lay in someone’s astrological chart. I function on the honor system, so please do enter this with honest intent & genuine care.


So if you’re ready to dive deep into partnership probabilities, family dynamics, friendship stats, & all the juice in the middle > then you’re just a click away! Still have questions? Feel free to contact me!

[ comes with recording & brief written overview ]

Ariel Wright