"The entire purpose of predictive astrology is to help people understand how to bend the probability curves of their lives in the direction of happiness, personal fulfillment, and growth."

- Steven Forrest

A progressed chart is to take those evolutionary impulses you discovered from your natal chart and see what how life events have unfolded more recently. Surely many years have passed since your birth (natal chart) and diving into reflection & observation of current life history will bring about a clarity many seek as life tends to throw twists & turns at us.


A progressed chart will journey 2 years into your past starting from present day, will fast forward to present day & then jump 2 years into the future to inspect what’s to come. This can be very helpful when wanting to learn about recent past events in your life, why you reacted the way you did, where it has put you now, & where you could see yourself going in the years to come.

Getting a progressed chart reading annually is a wise choice for all as many things can unravel and transpire in a years time, giving you a great opportunity to reflect on what has passed, where you are now, & next steps forward. Life is mutable > ever changing < and we have the power to change our circumstance on a dime.


Progressed chart readings are not fortune tellers & should not be seen as fate, destiny, or prophecy. I’ve heard in astrology that life is like a deck of cards > your chart holds half the deck & your free will holds the other half. If you don’t like your odds, change them > it is in your power & free will to do so. Just because there is an inclination in the chart for something, doesn’t mean it has to be so if you do not wish.


You are your own creator, but even creators need insight! If you feel you’d like a natal chart first which is highly recommended, just click below or jump right into the adventure of your progressed chart! Still feel unsure? Contact me with questions!

[ comes with recording & brief written overview ]

" Upon meeting Ariel, first thing I felt comfortable and supported. I felt like she truly took the time and cared about what she was telling me. The biggest thing I took away from having Ariel do my chart is a better understanding of where I've been, where I am now and where I am headed. It has allowed me even more to be the person I am meant to be, the person I know I am! It has empowered me! "

- Justine

Ariel Wright