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> The evolution of consciousness through the 12 zodiac signs

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> Planetary Dignities

> The deep messages of Pluto

> The significance of the lunar North & South Nodes

> Steps on how to interpret natal charts

> Medical astrology & it's relationship to health

> The significance of Chiron & Lilith

> Interpreting aspects  


If you've been curious about Astrology and have either been wanting to dive in & know more or are already learning & want guidance > having an intuitive tutor might be exactly what you need! I've always found it is truly helpful to be able to share and talk ideas & concepts when learning to get a more refined grasp on them in order to retain the information more effectively. Being able to ask questions & get fresh perspectives is another great resource when learning new information. You will get all this & so much more when you sign up to work with me on your exciting path to knowing astrology more fully, deeply, and applicably! Feel free to reach out with more questions to see how we can evolve together :)


Ariel Wright