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Addictions and Afflictions is my service to help those struggling with one or two habit patterns that really make them feel inhibited in the pursuit of joy, stagnate, and suffering. Here we will focus on healing through these issues by focusing on the what, where, why, and how of them . “Them” refers to the habit pattern that’s causing the suffering. The habit pattern is the addiction and the suffering is the affliction. This is often a cycle we perpetuate because we “cannot” accept our reality as is and what has happened. This is very common and everyone deals with something whether they’ve healed it or not. So what we will dive deep into is:


  1. What your addiction and affliction is and what it looks like

  2. Where your addiction and affliction comes from now and where it came from in the past

  3. Why you have these addictions and afflictions and what they’re teaching you

  4. How to heal and transcend them, evolving into acceptance


I will note now, this is not for someone with serious drug addiction or any other severe addiction that would warrant needing a healthcare professional and rehabilitation. This is for those who wish to rid themselves of unhealthy thoughts, habits, pain, cycles, and the like that no longer serve them. You don’t need to suffer any longer, you just have to believe in your wellness more than you ever believed your afflictions. Let us take on this challenge together where you will learn and liberate yourself for a more joyous future!

Don’t worry, you don’t need to commit now. Schedule a FREE 20 minute session to see if this feels right for you. I look forward to speaking with you! 

Ariel Wright