W E L C O M E   S E E K E R!

My name is 

As a woman of many explored avenues I am an Astrologer, Intuitive, Astanga Yogini, Light Coach, Ayurvedic-Vegan Foodie, Self-Awareness Junkie, & New Paradigm Seeker!


On this website in my little corner of the internet ethos, I wish to share with you how to awaken to wellness & balance through Ayurveda, Astrology, Channeling & so much more! A place to learn how to integrate your mind-body-spirit connection. Let’s explore how you can access your inner alchemy for full self-transformation & integration!




This life is a journey - a journey through our karmic past & present ever moving and evolving into our future. Pain & suffering seems to be an inevitable part of this evolution, but what if we could live more free of dis-ease? What if we could live with more energy & love for ourselves & all beings? What if there is simply more than meets the eye? I'm here to instill faith that there is and introduce the One key concept that will be propelling this entire foundation to wellness: the illusion of separation.

In order to truly break the cycle of karma & live fully in Love aligned with Pure Source & Spirit, we must recognize & dissolve the illusion of separation between us & all things. This includes the illusion that our bodies are separate from our mind, emotions, soul & spirit - everything is intertwined & connected through the cosmic web of seen & unseen energy! 

Let us see without our eyes the inner workings of our unconscious, spirit selves that contain the majority of our truest desires, passions, dreams & so much more! By moving with astrology & the moon phases, getting in tune with the different seasons of our life & diving deep into our intuition - we get to become the witness of our experience & actually step more fully into present moment bliss, joy & wisdom! 

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The mind is the seat of our consciousness, what makes us alive and aware to the world around us & within us. More and more studies validate the importance of consciousness & how those with a meditative mind can control things we might not even imagine such as temperature, health, pain tolerance, & more.

Developing a meditative mind, an awake conscious mind, is the key foundation to living your highest potential & embodying your optimum health. You can only live under the veil of ignorance for so long before your health deteriorates, your life moves in directions you don’t want it to, physical & emotional issues turn into disease, purposelessness overcomes you… This doesn’t need to be your fate. What if I told you your fate lays 100% within your hands (or should I say your mind) & you can manifest and create ANYTHING you can possibly imagine? It is a journey, but one we all must embark on at some point in life. I can help you with this & more through astrology & a modality I call Light Coaching.

The body, the vessel that carries us around & takes orders from the mind as it propels us through life. It’s quite an amazing thing really! And it’s intelligence is vast and deep… The body knows what’s best & worst for you, it knows how to bring itself into balance & when it is imbalanced or diseased. It is constantly trying to bring itself into a homeostasis of health & vitality ~ constantly!


So when you start thinking about ‘hating your body’, just remember that it cares for you day in & day out, working tirelessly trying to bring you back to equilibrium so you can live a full & joyful life. I have experienced a multitude of issues, symptoms, & imbalances within my body and have been on a healing journey for many years. Through embarking on this aspect of self, I have learned & developed many tools, knowledge, & wisdom to help others fine tune their bodies back to optimum health.

The soul, the most subtle body of them all. The soul is us, our infinite consciousness that, I believe, has lived many lives. The life you are experiencing currently is just one of many incarnations to know thyself, heal thyself, & transcend self entirely. This can be a touchy topic for some, but ultimately a place where we all come to in one life or another to dive deeper into the purpose of our existence; arguably the biggest question of all time. Regardless of your beliefs, it appears the soul occupies a rather large space of our unconscious & propels our evolution. For this I have discovered astrology. Astrology is an ancient language that reveals to us our unconscious soul intentions, purpose, & lessons. This is seen by learning the modality of interpreting astrological birth charts. Whether you’re a believer or not, this is a crucial piece to uncovering old wounds, habits, & inhibitions, and awakening to healing, purpose, & direction of one’s life. This is where the unconscious can become conscious, worked with & integrated for true wholeness.

Explore Your Possibilities & Expand Beyond Your Limits!

True wholeness & true wellness comes when we begin to break the cycle of karma and recognize & dissolve the illusion of separation. In order to do this, I work with three main focuses:

~ Integrating & Healing the Past (Karma)​

~ Transforming & Transcending Ego Limitations 

~ Awakening & Aligning with Spirit 

Through the act of remembering, by utilizing our Divine mind > body > spirit as a cosmic database filled with all the answers we seek - we will tap in, tune in, listen, feel, heal, & awaken. 


Ariel Wright