It's safe to say, we ALL have different diets, preferences, societal & cultural influences, and food sensitivities. Regardless of all that, each one of us needs to cook, cleanse & nourish our bodies. Some people are thinking to themselves "I don't need to cook or cleanse!"


Yes... Yes you do. We all do in fact > our bodies are constantly fighting off toxic build up & trying to slog through weird Friday night fried delights, Sunday ice cream cones, & celebratory cakes. And the reality of it is many people's bodies are suffering. Suffering conditions like IBS, Leaky Gut, Candidias, tired livers, or symptoms such as bloating, gas, fatigue, unhealthy stool & more.


I don't have all the answers, but I have suffered enough of these symptoms & Candidias to know we all need some help to heal & restore our bodies to a balanced state of wellness. If you want fresh new ideas of what to cook, need a doable & powerful cleanse, are trying to rid yourself of a candida overgrowth, or wanting to tap deeper into your intuition that knows exactly what your body needs, wait no longer! You path to wellness is just a click away & it's FREE!


Don't hesitate to get a cookbook entirely vegan, unprocessed, Ayurvedic, and entirely designed to help those on Candida diets without missing out on things like cookies, breads, and pasta! Just because you're suffering from Candida, doesn't mean your diet has to suffer too! Not just for candida, nourish yourself with high vibratory foods and an intuitive guide to cooking!


Dive deep into your mind > body > spirit with this highly renewing & purifying cleanse that moves with the rhythm of the new moon. The new moon's energy is much different than that of the full moon & allows us even greater access to parts of our body & mind for cleansing that isn't accessible during a full moon. Come explore what tuning into a new moon cleanse this month could do for you!


Especially close to my heart is those suffering from Candidias. Rid yourself of brain fog, debilitating headaches, chronic fatigue, bloating, gas, poor BMs, and more. This protocol is designed to kick the hell out of your candida overgrowth and summon it back to the bellows of your small intestine where it belongs! Don't suffer another minute - kick the candida NOW!


Take time out this full moon to recharge & rejuvenate your entire being by working in line with the moons rhythms. As she shifts, so do our bodies along with the seasons. There's no better time to tap in & cleanse then when we work with the natural elements around us! The full moon energy in Ayurveda & Chinese medicine is a store house of healing waiting for us to tune into. Explore what a full moon cleanse could do for you this month!


Jump into a 3-day weekend totally dedicated to healing your gut, tapping into your mind, tuning into your body & totally restoring balance to your being with a 3 day kitchari cleanse! Kitchari is a tridoshic meal in Ayurveda meant to help reset & settle digestion. This is best to take on when you don't have too much to do but just rest & pamper yourself. Jump-start your health now!


Awaken your untapped power of intuition to grow, heal and expand beyond all limits. Explore your endless possibilities, your highest truths, and most vibrant Self through Intuition Upgrade - a 5 week course designed to upgrade your entire being! We will dive into Astrology, Ayurveda, Yoga, Channeling and much more as you explore your inner landscape with skills that will transform your every day life into a spiritual wonderland of adventure and magic! Ready to dive into the unknown? 

Ariel Wright