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Tired of feeling blocked and inhibited? Tired of struggling through emotional roller coasters, feeling depressed, anxious, or like no one understands you? Want to feel free, expansive, creative, and full of wellness? Schedule a free session with me to discover how!

In my experience, everyone is on a different path to wellness. I often look at these through the eyes of the many paths of yoga that many don't even realize they're walking. I deeply believe in a holistic approach to healing and believe the mind, body, and spirit are intrinsically connected. It is in finding balance within these aspects of self where we truly discover wholeness, peace, joy, and authentic wellness of being. The mind is the foundation of our wellness, consciousness decides and tells every cell in our body what to do, how to be, and how to act. Our minds are all in different places, constructing a reality only we truly understand as an individual. So below I have laid out some options to dive deep into your reality in order to help bring balance and wholeness to your mind; ultimately bringing wellness to your body and spirit.


Awaken your untapped power of intuition to grow, heal and expand beyond all limits. Explore your endless possibilities, your highest truths, and most vibrant Self through Intuition Upgrade - an 8 week course & coaching program designed to upgrade your entire being!



Discover the what, where, why, how of your deep rooted habit patterns. Habit patterns are addictions when they cause affliction to your wellness. Together we will explore how this suffering can be released and healed through awareness and acceptance. This will be a journey into the past and an evolution into the future...



Feel you've got a fresh new idea? A new job on the horizon, a new relationship? Maybe you feel like you hate your job and are stuck in your relationship? Perhaps it's none of those, all of those, and more. This is an opportunity to find support and strength in your personal quest towards wellness!



Single sessions are for those who have embarked on ANY of my wellness paths to include Mind, Body, and Soul. This is a service available for those who have built some foundation on any of the paths I've laid out on this site. As deep as Intuition Upgrade or as simple as acquiring my cookbook. Once we have a foundation, we can take next steps together!



Ariel Wright