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Ready to enter the sanctuary of your inner home? I love this image under the starry night sky, clearly depicting the moon is hidden & new allowing the stars to shine brightly > the beautifully golden lit tent glows in the night creating a warm & safe place to go within. Only magic could be happening in a tent like that! And that's exactly what we're going for ... magic <3

New moons are perfect times to renew what has been forgotten, realign with what has shifted & purify what has become stale & old. A time to ignite the body > mind > spirit into a real, deep movement forward, to evolve with the rhythms of Mother Earth & her Moon...

liver  >  gallbladder  >  kidneys

The new moon is introverted energy creating the perfect opportunity to go inside & purify deeply some of our most powerful & hard working organs. The liver, gallbladder & kidneys work tirelessly for us day in & day out to be sure we are filtering out impurities in our air, water & food, pushing toxins through that have been absorbed on our skin, and monitoring our stress levels ever trying to bring us into a state of balance & peace. These power houses often get forgotten among the hustle & bustle of our daily lives and are often forgotten even when we intend to cleanse or help our bodies.

Well, it's safe to say that's gone on for too long & it's time for some change > something NEW! Our liver, gallbladder & kidneys want us to take the dive and put our new moon intention this month on them, on our longevity, on our long-term health. We can take this on with the help of our beloved partner in health, wellness & all things sacred - AYURVEDA!! 

The new moon is such a perfect time to set intentions & really focus on what it is you wish to create. Our bodies move with the rhythms of the moon & have things they are creating as our physiology shifts on all levels. 

We can aid deeply in these shifts with the help of Ayurveda. This is an ancient science & wisdom that taps us in further to our unique mind-body types for true healing & wholeness. For a quick (& free) look into Ayurvedic mind-body types - click here for a key into the doshas or read further on Ayurveda's foundations here in my eBook!

Cleansing with the New Moon >

So why cleanse with the new moon? Well, during this time our bodies release the most fluid & what that really means is our bodies are ready & willing to flush out as many toxins as possible as long as they have the fluids as a vehicle to do so. As the body has a difficult time flushing during the full moon cycles, the new moon cycle is where we can really take advantage of her energy to purify on a much deeper level than we would during a full moon. This is a perfect time to harness her energy to renew & purify allowing your body to become the clear vessel you need to drive you through your ever-evolving life journey! Perhaps the most potent time to cleanse is during a new moon & a seasonal change as that is when our bodies undergo the most physiological & chemical shifts, all which really require our focused attention (& intention) to boost our immune systems & care for our health. 

This is by far the most powerful time to cleanse along with the Full Moon. The new moon harnesses different energy to that of the full moon & creates the space for even deeper cleansing & purification. For more on the full moon & my Full Moon Cleanse click here! Unlike the Full Moon Cleanse, you should only perform this cleanse once a month waiting at least 3 weeks before your next cycle. It is designed for deep cleansing of the liver & gallbladder allowing you to pass excess bile, gallstones or kidney stones as the body goes into a state of detoxification. If you're ready to go within, dig deep & rise from the ashes of the old then wait no longer to access your most clear & vibrant self!!

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Ariel Wright