Tired of looking for all your answers to your spirituality? Reading every book, taking all the classes, listening to all the “gurus”. Externally seeking what actually is internal remembering.


What you need is a spiritual one-stop-shop that gets you the answers NOW, not after you’ve read the book, or listened to the guru, or finished the class. The answers aren’t out there, they’re right here inside.


If you are going to read all the books, take classes, & listen to gurus > make sure most of it is on HOW TO access your unique innate wisdom that’s literally stored inside all the bodies of your being > physical - subtle & beyond. This will be the greatest lesson to learn - Yourself.

To Know Thyself is the keystone that unlocks all other knowledge & turns it into wisdom. Information evolves into knowledge which evolves into wisdom. Information is just collected succinct data. Knowledge is that data being applied & refined into something deeper. Wisdom is after the experience gained from applied knowledge > how it shaped you, your beliefs, & the way you live.


I learn everything I use (Ayurveda, astrology, cakra, yoga) for 2 main reasons: Joy & to Know Myself. If you want to be 10 > 20 > 30x more intuitive in your life this will bring you 10 > 20 > 30x closer to your highest Self & potential, your divine truth, your Spirit Guides, & help manifest a life that is authentically in complete alignment with your visions!

what is intuition?

This little something special, sacred & seemingly forgotten is what we call intuition. Intuition, also referred to as the third eye, ajna cakram, or ESP senses & probably an array of other things. This is literally one of our senses, a sense as real as our 5  physical senses > taste, touch, sound, sight & smell. But we are not taught nor encouraged to use our subtle senses to include our intuition. Intuition is both animal & spiritual, dense & subtle & lives within us at all times. It is how we know things without knowing how we know them. That feeling in your gut, that tingling inside your body, the voice in your head that seems wiser than you've known > it is even the "luck" in moments of pressure or intensity. 

why do we need it?

Ever feel confused > directionless > lost? Ever wonder what to believe, what's true & what's false? Ever feel your body is upset, stomachaches & pains, but don't know why or how to address it? What if I told you a developed sense of intuition could help you with all of these & more..? It has so many functions and is completely & entirely an asset to this human existence. It can keep us out of harms way, give us clarity when we are confused, guide our bodies toward healing & wholeness, and ultimately guide us to our own inner truths where we gain self confidence to live out our highest potential. Sound like a tall order? It will take some work to activate your intuition, but is work that is well worth it!

how does it work?

I often liken our intuition to an antenna picking up frequencies & messages. These messages & frequencies are surging into the body which I call the radio. So imagine your body & intuition as a radio with lots of dials & nobs with an antenna attached to pick up signals. Sometimes the antenna is rusted and seemingly nothing is coming through. Sometimes the radio isn't tuned to the proper channel & fuzzy messages are surging in, and sometimes the occasional clear message makes its way through.

Let's say your radio station [ your highest frequency/potential ] should be set at 101.1 (am or fm radio > your choice) but you're all whacked out > set at 108.9!! This analogy is meant to describe the body being 'all whacked out' or simply put > imbalanced. In order to get clear messages coming through your antenna (intuition), your radio (body) needs to be fine tuned & dialed in through holistic, healthy practices such as diet, exercise, cleanses, etc. 

Now let's say your radio is pretty dialed in > your body is active, healthy & happy, but you still go through consistent confusion, indecisiveness, self-doubt & the like. This is because your antenna (intuition) is rusty. This will call for more subtle body practices such as meditation, breath work, sense therapy, etc. 

Most people have rusty antennas or out of tune bodies, it just naturally happens as we are for one > not taught & actually discouraged to use our intuition and two > afflicted by external & environmental stresses. Now for some good news... You can change this RIGHT NOW! 


It's already ALL inside you! It's literally ALWAYS been inside you > it's just about awakening to it & knowing what to look, listen & feel for. Easy as that! We are not creating something out of thin air > you ALREADY have it & were born with it.


I'm literally not promising anything you don't already innately have so you don't have ANYTHING to lose, only SO MUCH to gain by learning to clear your vessel & tap into yourself to receive messages that are actually coming through your "radio station channel" almost every minute of every day. Just taking the critical action to get that rust off your antennae & tune up that radio is the only thing standing between you & opening up towards more inner truth and wisdom.


By working with me we will systematically remove the rust from your intuition, fine tune your body, & translate the messages coming in > this is my promise and commitment to you. All you have to do is make this promise and commitment to yourself too. Let's connect & journey through this together! Living in your true alignment is just a perspective shift away! Find the course outline below! Still unsure? Schedule a free session to understand more :)


Ariel came into my life at the perfect time, I reached a point where some things did not make any sense in my life anymore. I needed clarity and some help in understanding my life in general. I found Ariel and her Just A Phase Astrology on a serendipitous browsing session on Instagram. Her five week long Intuition Upgrade course is complete and thorough. She is multi-talented, professional, knowledgeable, passionate, kind and friendly. 


 I was very pleased and nourished with the time I have spent with her going over astrology charts, tarot readings, Ayurveda and self care tips. I really appreciate the time, energy and personal wisdom she put into helping me see through my life and potential. She did not say things just to please me. She told me with very kind words what was my potential, the mistakes I had been doing in the past and what I had to do to get to where I could be. 

You'll not only talk with her one-on-one, but you'll also have lots of materials and documents to study to better your knowledge and improve your life. Each week has a fantastic meditation recording, which I have to say - best meditation sessions I have had the fortune to experience! She really helped me through a stressful time of my life and her course and meditations helped me focus, rest and re-balance.

I highly recommend Ariel in all aspects. She gently took me by the hand to guide me on a beautiful and luminous path. 

Thank you Ariel!"

- Cristina

Ariel Wright