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Ready to step into a more vibrant, radiant version of yourself? One that feels rejuvenated & recharged on all levels? The quickest way to do this is to plug in & access the power of the full moon as she radiates energy over the entire planet, pulling on the tides & pulling on our bodies. 

Our bodies are much more in rhythm with the moon then we may have ever realized and it is this biological & energetic pull between us that allows greater access to cleansing & recharging during her many phases. The full moon phase holds special energy as our bodies absorb her power, but also the power of everything else we consume... 


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Fruits are often the most taken for granted food known to man. Why that is, I am not sure & why not many people partake in them is a mystery. It seems we have just gotten accustom to having every known & exotic fruit around at almost every season in the grocery store and it has lost it's appeal... or something! 

Back "in the day" when Kings & Queens ruled far and wide, having imported fruits gave them life, vitality, & radiance! This is how they stood out from others (aside from a castle & lots of gold!).

Fruits are our bodies saving grace, the fountain of youth, the feelings of forever young! Fruits have more enzymes, minerals, vitamins, alive water, & bio-availability than anything else out there. And they're here for us to enjoy! Okay, let's not also forget about vegetables but still > FRUITS!!

So why am I telling you all this? Well the reality is fruits AND vegetables are highly cleansing & nourishing on all biological & spiritual levels. They are the perfect food group to mono-meal on to reap HIGH paying rewards! I am positive of this & I am also positive that most of us don't get enough of them in our diet on a daily basis. What's the best way to ensure that our bodies get what they need? > Focused Intention. 

The full moon is such a perfect time to set intentions & really focus on what it is you wish to create. Our bodies move with the rhythms of the moon & have things they are creating as our physiology shifts on all levels. 

We can aid deeply in these shifts with the help of Ayurveda. This is an ancient science & wisdom that taps us in further to our unique mind-body types for true healing & wholeness. This piece of gold will make you richer than the kings & queens > add fruit on top of that and you're in for quite an awakening! For a quick (& free) look into Ayurvedic mind-body types - click here for a key into the doshas or read further on Ayurveda's foundations here in my eBook!

Cleansing with the Full Moon >

So why cleanse with the full moon? Well, our bodies hold onto the most fluid during this time & what that really means is our bodies are holding onto the most toxicity during this time. As the body has a difficult time flushing during these full moon cycles, what we can do is be sure to take in pure & clean foods, drinks, & routines to aid in the movement of these toxins. That might be the down side of the full moon, but the upside is immense amount of energy comes with it! This is a perfect time to harness her energy to recharge & rejuvenate allowing your body to become the clear vessel you need to drive you through your ever-evolving life journey! Perhaps the most potent time to cleanse is during a full moon & a seasonal change as that is when our bodies undergo the most physiological & chemical shifts, all which really require our focused attention (& intention) to boost our immune systems & care for our health. 

This is by far the most powerful time to cleanse along with the New Moon. The new moon harnesses different energy to that of the full moon & creates the space for even deeper cleansing & purification. For more on the new moon & my New Moon Cleanse click here! Unlike the New Moon Cleanse, you can do this Full Moon Cleanse as many times as you would like, there is no limit! It is non-invasive or harsh & is designed to ease the body into a state of detoxification. If you're ready to start feeling lighter, brighter & more radiant like the glowing full moon > then dive in & rise up to your king or queen status this next full moon with a whole new YOU! Still have questions? Click 'connect' below to get in touch <3

Ariel Wright