Frequently on my path to learning & to my Higher Self, I've sought the advise & wisdom of others. To speak with & hear from those who've been studying for sometimes their entire life, is literally priceless & has been beyond helpful without measure. I would not be who I am today without the guidance & counsel of teachers & mentors alike and will forever be a student of this life.

If this is a time where you are seeking, exploring, learning & diving deep into ancient wisdoms and your higher frequencies & need a little guidance, I can tell you that you're so not alone! Working alone can be tough, especially when you have lots of questions and need help decoding teachings outside of the norm. You don't need to take the Jnana (knowledge) path solo > let me help guide you to deeper understanding, clarity & application to really reap the fruits of your labor & absorb ancient wisdom!

Perhaps you are learning Ayurveda, perhaps you are learning Astrology & perhaps you are learning both & want deeper insight into how these modalities marry one another & where their commonality lays. Perhaps you're seeking a deep dive into the discovering more of the self & how to access more clarity & intuition. Perfect! Discover more below in my 5 week course & coaching program Intuition Upgrade! Please explore below to get a deeper insight into how I can help you learn more about Astrology, Ayurveda & more! <3


Get 1-on-1 support & insight into the ancient science of Ayurveda! Whether you're just exploring on your own, or need extra help in your Ayurvedic Education, I am here to help! Work with me to find clarity, deeper understanding, application, and more on your journey to wisdom & wellness <3


Feel like you want to dive into Astrology, but don't know where to start? Work with me to help teach you the deep wisdom & interpretation of Evolutionary Astrology as we uncover the unconscious language of the soul. Whether you want to dive deep or just want to learn to read charts, I will guide you to either or BOTH! :)


Here we will integrate Ayurveda, Astrology, Light Coaching & intuitive guidance to help illuminate the direction of how to keep you evolving forward & living more joyously in the now & where in your life needs that attention. Let us venture in mind, body & soul to keep you developing & integrating your Highest Self for optimal wellness. You’re beyond worth it!!


Awaken your untapped power of intuition to grow, heal and expand beyond all limits. Explore your endless possibilities, your highest truths, and most vibrant Self through Intuition Upgrade - a 5 week course & coaching program designed to upgrade your entire being! We will dive into Astrology, Ayurveda, Yoga, Channeling and much more as you explore your inner landscape with skills that will transform your every day life into a spiritual wonderland of adventure and magic! Ready to dive into the unknown? 

Ariel Wright