True wholeness & true wellness comes when we begin to break the cycle of karma and recognize & dissolve the illusion of separation. In order to do this, I work with three main focuses:

~ Integrating & Healing the Past (Karma)​

~ Transforming & Transcending Ego Limitations 

~ Awakening & Aligning with Spirit 

Through the act of remembering, by utilizing our Divine mind > body > spirit as a cosmic database filled with all the answers we seek - we will tap in, tune in, listen, feel, heal, & awaken. 

Explore the hidden depths through your natal chart by bringing awareness to your innate nature, see what holds you back in past lives, what you're learning now & how to evolve forward with more grace, clarity & confidence. One's chart is said to reflect 10% conscious ego & 90% unconscious spirit. The goal for interpreting your chart is to make the unknown known. Allowing this awareness to align deeper by removing obstacles for soul evolution in hopes to release the ties of karma. Come with a curiosity, an open mind & questions that will help guide you closer to your Divine nature as Spirit! With your interest of self-inquiry, we will navigate your unique blueprint. Learn more about your soul's evolution, it's an easy click away!  

In your progressed chart, we will rewind into the past, stand still in the present moment, & fast forward into the future as together we explore how your chart has changed over the many years since your birth. Just like you don't look the same at birth, neither does your birth [natal] chart. A natal chart creates a strong foundation for a progressed chart reading & though isn't entirely necessary, it is highly recommended. Here you will be able to reflect on how & why past events transpired, where they have left you standing now & where you might be heading into the future. Your evolution awaits!


A Natal Chart or a Birth Chart is always connecting you with your foundational characteristics, habits, traits, karmas & so much more! This is where you always want to begin with astrology to tap deeper into self-awareness. This is where you can access all that inner alchemy for self transformation & integration. Explore more & get a reading now! 


A Progressed & Transit Chart will reflect & give you guidance as you've grown & evolved through out this life time. Just like you don't look the same as when you were a baby, the same is true for your birth chart. So much has changed & so much will continue to change in your life that getting a Progressed Chart reading is the perfect way to tap into who you are now, what you want now, & how you're going to get there!


A Chemistry & Compatibility Chart reading will show you your chemistry & compatibility with everyone from your partner to your kiddo. This is a great reading for those curious how they relate & are also quite different from their partners, family & friends. This helps gain deeper understanding & intuition to our relationships & how we can better navigate them with care & patience for one another! 

Unlike a natal & progressed chart, a compatibility chart reading compares two charts to one another. This is usually your natal chart compared to a loved one, a partner, a family member, a friend, etc. This is a pretty involved reading & should be taken on by those who deeply want to know more about their connection & relationship to another person to see how compatible they are, where they might have issues, where they will find ease & everything in between!

As a general rule, it’s important you have the consent of the other person > if possible < to attain this reading & dive into the sensitivities that lay in someone’s astrological chart. I function on the honor system, so please do enter this with honest intent & genuine care.


So if you’re ready to dive deep into partnership probabilities, family dynamics, friendship stats, & all the juice in the middle > then you’re just a click away! 


Ariel Wright