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THE OLDEST HEALING SYSTEM IN THE WORLD Ayurveda, Ayuh meaning life and veda meaning knowledge. And now I give you… The Knowledge of Life! Sounds like a tall order, well stay tuned because it is! Here I will merely introduce the concept of Ayurveda, but as time goes on I will be unveiling many more […]

HARDER – FASTER -STRONGER The first and most basic thing to know about each dosha is their elemental qualities and their attributes. The word pitta is derived from the Sanskrit word tap which means to heat and to be austere. Pitta is made up of mostly fire and a little water in order not to […]

Astanga Yoga is a system of yoga codified by Patanjali. Astanga is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘eight limbs or branches’ and contains many universal truths, beneficial practices, and all around application to better one’s life. To begin, the eight limbs of yoga are made up of first limb the Yamas, known as the five disciplines […]