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Happy New Moon in Libra ♎️✨ Today there’s a strong influence in relationship as the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus reside in Libra in her ruling house, the 7th – House of Relationships. There will be a drive to understand our relationships further and perhaps experience new ones beginning and old ones ending. With a […]

5:54pm MDT on 9/20/21 Big dreams, big visions, big feelings. Today’s Full Moon in Pisces is conjunct Neptune in Pisces in the 1st House. This potent aspect with Neptune in rulership, combines our dreams & fantasies with our daily habits & emotions. This is a powerful time to understand your true intentions & motivations around […]

Taurus – committed, patient, your ride or die in love! There is no getting around how serious Taurus is when they commit to a partner. They will literally do anything for you as they work to build a foundation that could last the test of time! Taurus is the builder of all things & when […]

Sagittarius – free, optimistic, your excitement-seeking adventurer in love! If you’ve been with or are with a Sagittarius, you’ll know right away they are the most fun, exciting & freedom-loving people you know. They have a positive approach to life & a go-getter attitude that is contagious to be around. When you’re coupled up with […]

Gemini – listener, entertainer, your BFF in love! Gemini makes the ultimate bestie in relationships. They’re phenomenal lovers but even better friends. Is that even possible? Yes, yes it is! Gemini is the Jack or Jill of all trades & is even known as the shape-shifters of the zodiac. They can be almost anything you […]

Scorpio– magnetic, deep & everyone’s favorite mystery to solve! Scorpio is full of complex & magnetic energy that draws people to them with so much passion it’s hard to even know what hit you. Their intense gaze says everything & nothing all at the same time, all you know is you want more of your […]

Leo – fun, playful & totally center stage in love with you! Whether your entire social circle knows it, or it’s just between the two of you, Leo lovers know how to treat their partners with King/Queen adoration & affection. So many imagine Leos as extroverted, loud & in your face, but I have to […]

Virgo – selfless, devoted, your wish is my command! Okay, maybe not ‘command’ but certainly taken super seriously. Virgo is a partner who wants to meet your every need & will work tirelessly in order to do so. They don’t mind a challenge & have a ton of determination to do things your way, the […]

Aquarius – electric, eclectic, your most eccentric partner yet! Welcome to the age of Aquarius where you either progress or digress if you can’t keep up. Electric with vitality & energy, an Aquarius lover is sure to keep you on your toes, entertained & doing all sorts of quirky new activities. Never a dull moment! […]

Cancer – soft, sensitive & your ultimate nurturer in love! If you’ve fallen head over heels for a caring Cancer, you’re not alone. This sign brings all the warm, sweetheart vibes into a relationship & into the home. You’re in for some real TLC when you pair up with this highly receptive & domestic partner. […]