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With the New Moon in Cancer today, there’s several prominent aspects created that makes this 2 week cycle moving forward particularly rich with fertile soil. We have the Uranus sextile, Neptune trine, Pluto opposition, Chiron square, and Nodal squares.  This New Moon is about pathfinding, the future, and discovering clearly defined priorities in order to […]

Bold expression, creative thoughts, playful learning. A time to speak authentically and watch when you’re speaking excessively. Don’t shrink in the room, but don’t drown everyone out. Allow yourself to be in childlike wonder as you learn further about yourself, the world, and your relationship with it. Allow yourself to feel innocence when learning and […]

Focused action, methodical manner, critical opposition. Get things done. Don’t burn out. Give yourself room to breathe. Don’t judge yourself or others for lack of action. Be dedicated, be devoted, but be balanced. Desire perfection. Let yourself be wrong, it’s okay. Give your mind a break. Be in nature when you’re overwhelmed with projects & […]

With the Pisces Neptune-Gemini Moon square, this is a time for dreaming big and really allowing your mind & spirit to commune with what you truly want. Gemini is about perspective, learning, teaching, and sharing ideas + information. How could a perspective shift assist you & get you closer to your dreams? How could being […]

Happy New Moon in Libra ♎️✨ Today there’s a strong influence in relationship as the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus reside in Libra in her ruling house, the 7th – House of Relationships. There will be a drive to understand our relationships further and perhaps experience new ones beginning and old ones ending. With a […]

5:54pm MDT on 9/20/21 Big dreams, big visions, big feelings. Today’s Full Moon in Pisces is conjunct Neptune in Pisces in the 1st House. This potent aspect with Neptune in rulership, combines our dreams & fantasies with our daily habits & emotions. This is a powerful time to understand your true intentions & motivations around […]

Taurus – committed, patient, your ride or die in love! There is no getting around how serious Taurus is when they commit to a partner. They will literally do anything for you as they work to build a foundation that could last the test of time! Taurus is the builder of all things & when […]

Sagittarius – free, optimistic, your excitement-seeking adventurer in love! If you’ve been with or are with a Sagittarius, you’ll know right away they are the most fun, exciting & freedom-loving people you know. They have a positive approach to life & a go-getter attitude that is contagious to be around. When you’re coupled up with […]

Gemini – listener, entertainer, your BFF in love! Gemini makes the ultimate bestie in relationships. They’re phenomenal lovers but even better friends. Is that even possible? Yes, yes it is! Gemini is the Jack or Jill of all trades & is even known as the shape-shifters of the zodiac. They can be almost anything you […]

Scorpio– magnetic, deep & everyone’s favorite mystery to solve! Scorpio is full of complex & magnetic energy that draws people to them with so much passion it’s hard to even know what hit you. Their intense gaze says everything & nothing all at the same time, all you know is you want more of your […]