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January 8, 2020

Okay, first I just have to say as a Gemini I absolutely LOVE finding all the ways the things I study correlate! With that being said, I really want to share with you how I’ve seen the crossover in studying the Cakra system, the dosha in Ayurveda, the 7 main Greek Godde...

June 4, 2019

New Moon in Gemini 13° @ 6:02am EDT on 6/3/19 

Namaste Seekers! Happy New Moon in Gemini ☽

Well it’s Gemini season & that means we’re all on the move - hustlin’ & bustlin! Maybe you love this time of year as spring & summer ignite fresh new ideas or revitalize old ones....

May 17, 2019

Full Moon in Scorpio 27° @ 5:11pm EDT on 5/18/19 

Namaste Seekers! Happy Full Moon in Scorpio ☽

I actually don’t know if ‘happy’ is exactly the word I would choose right now > maybe more like intense, agitating, or illuminating. It’s kind of like everything all at the sa...

May 3, 2019

New Moon in Taurus 14° @ 6:45 pm EDT on 5/4/19 

Namaste Seekers! Happy New Moon in Taurus ☽

Well this certainly is a crazy, potent time – or just crazy? just potent? Naw, it’s definitely BOTH!! Sending love & light & maybe a life vest as we all try to keep our heads on t...

April 19, 2019

New Moon in Aquarius 15° February 4th @ 4:03pm EST

Hello Seekers! Happy New Moon in Aquarius! We’ve got that beautiful moon at 15° creating a dark winter night where all the stars shine bright. This new moon really feels to hold something special and deep as it merges t...

July 14, 2018

New Moon in Cancer 20° July 12th @ 8:47 MDT

This week’s New Moon is in the watery sign of Cancer, the healer, and our personal feelings. This is a rich time to reflect on where we’ve been, rejuvenate ourselves into the present moment, and take all that we’ve learned, wi...

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Ariel Wright