the magic of ayurveda

Vata dosha represents the air & ether elements & in definition is 'that which moves things'. Vata types tend to be quick witted, chatty, light on their feet, a little spacey & very excitable. 




Kapha dosha represents the earth & water elements & in definition is structure & stability. Kapha types tend to have slow & steady minds, listeners more than talkers, a little rigid & very nurturing. 

Pitta dosha represents the fire [a little water] element & in definition is 'that which digests things'. Pitta types tend to have sharp minds & tongues, be highly goal oriented, a bit of a temper & strong visionaries. 


yurveda is an ancient healing system founded in the roots of India. It is believed to be thousands of years old & is the oldest known medical system around on the planet today. Ayurveda is Sanskrit, one of the oldest transcribed


languages & when translated means the Knowledge of Life. ‘Ayuh’ or ‘Ayus’ meaning life and ‘Veda’ meaning knowledge - thus we have a science to navigate us to a deep knowing of our selves & our truths.

Ayurveda works with individual human life to heal disease, maintain vitality & to bring us closer to our self as spirit. As an ancient medical science, the fundamental principles work with the physical body to restore health & bring
longevity to one’s life while simultaneously bringing balance & peace to one’s mental & spiritual body.

Explore the tip of the iceberg on the doshas & click 'Key to the Doshas' + get deeper with my eBook or get an email consultation to dive even further into this ancient wisdom & how it pertains to you personally! 

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cleansing with the moon

flowing with the phases

The new & full moon energy in Ayurveda & Chinese medicine is a store house of healing waiting for us to tune into. Our bodies are much more in rhythm with the moon then we may have ever realized. It's this biological & energetic pull between us that allows greater access to cleansing & recharging during her many phases. 

s the moon shifts & changes, so do our bodies along with the seasons. There is no better time to tap in & cleanse then when we work with the natural elements all around us.


may spirit live on in my body & mind