It’s easy to be a little too dreamy about what work is realistic for you today. You may find yourself daydreaming about the perfect work, your divine purpose & how you could so easily do those things. This envisioning is powerful when applied properly, but be cautious where your head might be getting too high […]

It’s kind of a wonderful day for you! Things are mostly mellow with a potent pull to mingle with like-minded individuals & be among your peer groups. You can get a lot more accomplished today if you work with these like-minded people & have fun sharing ideas about the future, your future & any area […]

It may not be your favorite day, but your steady centeredness will get you through it! You will be navigating uncertain terrain around your spiritual side today, asking yourself ‘why’ – why you do the things you do, why you do the job you do, why you’re asking why so much, etc. What you’re really […]

There’s opportunity for great self-expression today! You may oscillate between feeling balanced, healthy expression and seeking, manipulating & grasping to be seen while getting your “needs” met. Just recognize this & accept what you may be reaching for that is right under your nose. These ‘needs’ are less needs than they are habits around a […]

There seems to be a heavy focus on money, materials & resources today. You may feel you’re highly coveting your resources & relying on them to bring you inner security. Remember abundance comes from the right mindset & no one thing outside of yourself can make you secure within yourself. Bring your focus to what […]

A mostly intellectual day for a Libra. In fact you might feel your mind is ping-ponging from idea to idea, opinion to opinion. It could lead to difficulty making decisions today, more than usual. The day is best spent in a balanced combination of centering meditation, learning, with little to no action or decision making. […]

You might feel a little on the run around today. One moment you’re getting things done & all in your head to the next moment feeling overwhelmed by the slew of unconscious emotions flowing through you. Stay calm & centered as you do, and don’t let this shake you. Rather embrace it & look closely […]

A fine day to be a Leo! There will be lots of energy around play, children & family today. With mostly steady energy today, you should find yourself feeling mostly at peace with the ability to do all the fun things you set out on. This is also a wonderful time to create something such […]

It’s just you, your heart & your feelings around your competency today. Being of service to others may help boost confidence in your capability to do your purpose & diminish any feelings of self-doubt + self-worth. It’s also a good day to keep an eye on what you eat as your stomach might be a […]

Relationships that propel your evolution should be at the forefront for you. Don’t waste your time with any superficial interactions today, what your soul wants growth with significant people in your life. This is especially true if you are in a partnership with another. Spend time with these people talking about your purpose & listening […]