Okay, first I just have to say as a Gemini I absolutely LOVE finding all the ways the things I study correlate! With that being said, I really want to share with you how I’ve seen the crossover in studying the Cakra system, the dosha in Ayurveda, the 7 main Greek Goddesses as a part of the psyche, the 10 planets & of course - the 12 zodiac signs!


There is so much relationship between each, I love seeing how so many modalities & ancient wisdoms correlate & can unite as One! So without further ado, we’ll start from the beginning of the zodiac //


Aries > our warrior, daredevil & pioneer of the zodiac! This fiery sign correlates with the fiery nature of Pitta, the enthusiasm & passion of the 2nd cakram & of course the two boss ass Greek Goddesses Artemis & Athena!

That Pitta energy says go, go, GO & Aries is always ready to push forward, get it all the things done & slay goals until the twilight hours. Nothing but hot, fiery energy here making Pitta & Aries a match made in *heaven, or...? LOL! All this energy is being transmitted through the 2nd cakram located above the pubic bone bringing forth expression & action, not to mention libido! The 2nd cakram along with Aries & Pitta can all bring about a very high sex drive & create the need to be sexually expressed & often.

Speaking of sex, let’s talk about our sexy Goddesses, Artemis & Athena! Artemis is that wild child who could never stay in the house > she was always following the moon & on the hunt for her next big kill. Kill being her goals of course! She is the competitor & if you know anything yet about Aries & Pitta, it’s all about that competition. Athena on the other hand, is the Goddess of wisdom & strategy. It should be noted that the fire element heavy in this cluster helps to illuminate the truth & see the paths forward clearly. Athena’s energy of clear vision (wisdom) & competition (strategy) transmits all sorts of Aries, Pitta & 2nd cakram energy!

These two Goddesses along with the 2nd cakram & Pitta also correlate to Aries ruling planet > Mars. However, Mars also harbors the energy of the 3rd cakram which is ruled by the fire element. This energy center contains our area of power, creativity & growth and as Mars represents desires & drive, it’s all about creating growth opportunities by pursuing our desires & utilizing our powers. It’s safe to say this cluster of corealations is hot, spicy, & #winning!!


Taurus > our earth spirit, our artsy musician, our silent one. Our silently intense one too! Don’t let Taurus fool you with all their sweetness, they have an intensity also! Passions run high for Taurus but unlike Aries they bring forth a much more grounded energy. This earthy sign correlates to the earthy nature of Kapha & the 2nd cakram, along with the two beautiful Goddesses Demeter & Aphrodite.

The Kapha energy brings in a steady sweetness that Taurus easily resonates with. There is patience & understanding as they move through their day-to-day relationships as well as the patience to build strong foundations of security. The 1st cakram is all about stability, security & sensuality & Taurus-Kapha is ready for all of that ALL the time! The earthy, watery elements encourage the need to create long lasting *everything in their life as well as the need for physical connection & touch.

It’s safe to say their spirits are full of love & nurturance which correlates oh so nicely to our Goddesses Demeter & Aphrodite! Demeter is the Goddess of the grain, the nurturer & mother who always wishes to provide physical sustenance & security to their loved ones. Aphrodite the Goddess of love & beauty brings forth creative energy & represents the lover. Taurus-Kapha & that 1st cakram are all about creating, sustaining, & partnerships where their natural abilities can easily shine through!​

All this & more is also reflected in Taurus’ ruling planet > Venus. However, Venus brings in a few energies unique to herself – the fire energy of Pitta, the heart centered energy of the 4th cakram & the wife energy of Hera. Venus is a little higher in fire than Taurus so Pitta rises here bringing forth more creative & sexual energy. The 4th cakram also correlates here as it’s energy easily transmits the messages of Venus <3 . And the committed wife archetype of Hera dances with Venus as they create marriage between heart & soul in all their partnerships. Needless to say, this cluster of correlations is sweet, soft & oh so saucy!


Gemini > our storyteller, our teacher & our witness of the zodiac! This airy fairy sign correlates to that airy fairy Vata, the chatterbox 5th cakram, & again making an appearance, the two boss Goddesses – Athena & Artemis!

Vata & Gemini kind of go hand in hand, like twins perhaps? With all that air energy they flitter from thought to thought, idea to idea & person to person. It can be hard to get their head out of the clouds but they are incredibly creative types! They somehow manage to keep their feet on the ground & their ears clear of clouds as they listen & observe everything around them. This energy loves to learn & with that, they also love to talk about what they’ve learned… or just talk! LOL! The 5th cakram is conducive for this & Vata-Gemini is easily tapped right into this energy center. The 5th cakram is all thought, expression & voice and Vata-Gemini have a surplus of all three!

This isn’t too say they’re mindlessly chattering away. Athena brings forth wisdom & from all the information Gemini has collected, turning it into knowledge & thus wisdom, unites this archetype nicely. Athena also represents the father’s daughter & Gemini easily takes on that role as they’re more often than not slightly tom-boyish in nature. Artemis steps in & represents the sister, another role Gemini takes on with ease! Gemini is constantly understanding their relationship to others & the world around leading these two Goddesses as perfect archetypes.

Gemini's ruling planet Mercury aids in all this learning, chatter & relations but also brings in a couple energies unique to itself. Mercury brings in the 6th cakram & the Goddess Persephone. The 6th cakram can transmit Mercurial messages in the form of intuition, visions, & bring forth clarity. This higher sense of consciousness can also be seen reflected in Persephone as the Goddess of receptivity & queen of the underworld. Mercury was the only one allowed to travel between the heavens, earth & the underworld connecting Mercury & Persephone to the intuitions of deeper mental truths. Though hard to wrap this one up, this cluster of correlations is airy, fairy & highly intellectual!


Cancer > our healer, mother, & the invisible woman. This watery, receptive sign can be slightly mysterious in nature & correlates to Kapha & Vata, the 4th & 6th cakram, and the two opposite Goddesses - Demeter & Persephone.

As you can see there are a lot of opposites here –  the heart & the head, the water & air, the mother & the underworld. That’s because Cancer takes us into transition of personal consciousness to interpersonal consciousness. It can be a little complex! The Kapha energy correlates to the watery nature of Cancer, the caring & receptive characteristics along with the 4th cakram heart center. While the Vata relates more to the psychic nature of Cancer also illuminating where the 6th cakram comes into play. These energies merge into the other polarities of Cancer representing the child & the parent along with the hero & the shadow. Cancer you’re just so awesomely complex I love it!

Demeter & Persephone make their connections with Cancer here as well bringing in more of that polarity! Demeter representing the nurturer & mother while Persephone representing the underworld & receptive woman. These Goddesses illuminate the duality of the 3rd dimension & Cancer is a wonderful energy to know ourselves more fully. Cancerian Demeter is soft & helpful in all ways, making sure everyone is cared for on an emotional level. While Persephone Cancer is busy decoding intuitive messages, diving deep into herself & understanding what makes her tick & what makes her tock. Introverted & extroverted you might say!

The Moon is very similar in this way & is Cancer’s rulership. The Moon is one of the most significant aspects in one’s birth chart so a few more components correlate to this powerful energy! Because Artemis is the Goddess of the moon, naturally this archetype makes her appearance here as she transmits the lunar messages & intuitions of her emotional daily life. The 2nd & 7th cakram in addition to the 4th & 6th also show up here in la luna <3 The 2nd cakram is ruled by water & like the moon, connects us to our emotional experiences & the 7th connects us to our higher consciousness. These energy centers are a perfect antenna for transmitting all our watery, psychic emotionality that the Moon brings up. This cluster of correlations is subtle, psychic & a bit dualistic!


Leo > our performer, child, king & queen of the zodiac! We step out of the depths of Cancer & right into the playful & powerful sign of Leo! Leo naturally represents the 3rd & 4th cakram, Pitta & Kapha & the lovely Goddesses Aphrodite & Artemis.

Leo is that fixed fire so it’s not quite so wild & mutable as say Sagittarius or Aries. That fire element brings in Pitta, but the fixed quality brings in Kapha. Kapha is earth & water and this energy correlates to Leo because Kapha energy is all about the 5 physical senses & pleasure. And guess what? Leo is ALL about sensory pleasure! Delicious food, exciting games, orgasmic sex –  you name it, Leo wants it! The Pitta brings in the fiery drive & the Kapha brings the desire to ground & enjoy the material world & ego body. The 3rd & 4th cakram are right there with this & transmit all the lovey dovey, ooey gooey, hot passion enthusiasm Leo has for life! Leo is totally childlike & loves to play so easily taps into their 3rd cakram. They also are the authentic self, unique self expression & live life from their hearts more than their heads, so they often rely on their 4th (heart) cakram to move energy.


Virgo > our favorite perfectionist, analyst, & servant! Okay not servant like slave, like service to others, service to the planet, service to the greater good. Virgo is *all about helping ALL of God’s green Earth out! So naturally they’re linked to the oh so earthy Kapha & might surprise you Pitta, as well as the 1st & 5th cakram, & our beloved Goddesses Demeter & Athena.

So at this point it’s like a given right? Nurturing, steady Kapha definitely correlates to the earthy, patient Virgo, but then you’re like wait, Pitta? Oh yah, Virgo might be all earthy AF but this sign has some SERIOUS drive & get up & go to get shit done!! Don’t put anything past a Virgo they say they’re going to do – they’ll do it & probably do it 10x better than you could imagine! LOL! They’re patient & steady like a Kapha & driven like a Pitta, best of both worlds some might say. This steadiness & need for stability also corresponds to the 1st cakram where the foundations are laid. Don’t forget it also represents sensuality & let’s not think for a second that just because Virgo is all earth motherly type that they don’t have all the libido of an Aries! Too true… And the 5th cakram is all about self expression & thoughtfulness before speaking. Virgo is ruled by Mercury just like Gemini & if you’ve ever gotten into a conversation with a Virgo, you’ll know they can be just as chatty! Both these signs have a ton of mental energy.

All that love has to make Leo parallel the archetype Aphrodite as they are all for love & beauty. However, Aphrodite is also the creative woman & Leo is *highly creative. Ruled by the Sun, it’s energy radiates through Leo always sparking & inspiring new ideas to manifest! Artemis makes her appearance here too as she is the competitor & Leo loves a good game & can be very competitive! They know they’re good at things ; )

So like the Moon, the Sun is a super potent aspect in one’s birth chart, so naturally it brings forth a couple more components. The Sun brings forth the 1st, 2nd & 5th cakram along with the Goddess Athena. The Sun represents our individual self expression & our sense of identity all which transmit their energy through the 1st cakram (identity), 2nd (emotionality) and 5th (expression). The 4th (heart) is here too of course! As for Miss Athena, she radiates the Sun energy as she is the Goddess of Crafts – a highly creative & wise goddess, she is authentic like Leo & it’s rulership the Sun <3 This correlation cluster is full of that super authentic, self-realized, creative expression!

I think it might be kind of obvious now that Virgo the sign of the wheat & harvest would have relationship to Demeter as she is the Goddess of the grain & a top notch nurturer just like Virgo. Athena also steps in here as well bringing forth wisdom, crafts & strategy – all things Virgo is highly known for. I mean who do you seek out when you need advice? A helping hand? Expertise? The master of their craft? Your Virgo friend duh! So it’s safe to say this cluster of correlations is wise, caring & seriously ambitious!


Libra > our lover, artist & everyone’s favorite peacemaker! I mean it’s like who doesn't love a Libra right? They’re tasteful, beautiful, & understanding – all of which sucks you right in! These types can be super magnetic & a spritely blend of Vata & Kapha, the 4th & 5th cakram along with the two swoon worthy Goddesses - Aphrodite & Hera.

Don’t get me wrong, Libra isn’t perfect just like no sign is. There is no such thing as perfection in the zodiac as judgment is transmuted into discernment & deep awareness. You might think Libra is the sign of judgment as its symbol is the scales, but Libra is far more just & fair than that, all which is reflected in their Vata & Kapha nature. The Vata here corresponds to Libra’s airy qualities of mental energies, conversations with others, & being very creative. The Kapha corresponds to the nurturer within Libra, the sensuality, & the need for emotional security & stability. This is also reflected in the 4th cakram, as their heart center transmits so much of their energy & how they make decisions on a daily basis. They can be wounded from living from this center & thus over compensate by using their 5th cakram to work to think their emotions through. Are they being fair & just? Righteous & noble? Balancing your needs with theirs? Their minds & heart could explode if they don’t catch a break to just be alone!

As Venus rules Libra as well as Taurus, it’s quick to see how Aphrodite makes her strong appearance here in Libra. Aphrodite is the ultimate beauty & partner. She is sweet & soft, but also fierce & spicy! She wants you to be a satisfied partner & is all the more willing to bring in that level of commitment with help from Hera. Libra is all about marriage & commitment & Hera parallels this perfectly! She is a loyal & hardworking wife to whomever she chooses to partner with. It’s easy to see no mere mortal can handle the beauty & intensity that is a Libra Goddess! These clusters of correlations are stunning, steamy & totally diplomatic!


Scorpio > the detective, sorcerer & hypnotist of the zodiac! This intense watery sign corresponds with the watery nature of Kapha & the intense nature of Pitta along with the 2nd & 6th cakram and our two favorite Goddesses – Persephone & Athena.

Though you might not think Scorpio to be correlated to Kapha so much as the keywords of sweet, soft & nurturing probably aren’t the first thoughts that come to mind when talking Scorpio, it’s really the depth of Kapha that Scorpio corresponds to. Kapha represents that which is deep within along with the water element. Scorpio represents deep lakes, that which is hard to see & must be dove into to understand. Both Kapha & Scorpio can experience disorientation due to these watery depths as well as confusion. Luckily Pitta brings the torch here along with some fiery drive that relates to Scorpio’s intensity, drive & passion for life! And this energy is easily transmitted through the 2nd cakram bringing forth enthusiasm & sexual drive. I’m sure everyone was waiting for when I was going to say ‘sex’. “We’re talking Scorpio why hasn’t she mentioned sex yet?” LOL! Yes, we all have heard Scorpio is an intensely passionate lover & desires to connect with another to unite body, mind & soul. I don’t even know how to segway from sex to the 6th cakram & intuition!! : P

Scorpio is also highly receptive & intuitive as they let their feelings & higher consciousness guide them. This receptivity nicely correlates to the Goddess Persephone, the Goddess of receptivity & the maiden of the underworld. Sound Scorpionic yet? Persephone is highly intuitive & lives in the depths of the psyche where waters run dark & deep. This archetype represents where we get to know ourselves & unconscious motives & desires. Athena also steps in as she represents wisdom & strategy – both qualities Scorpio isn’t lacking! Wisdom is attained as self-awareness is revealed & Scorpio is the master of motivation, seeing through any strategy or drive of others & themselves. A powerful tool indeed!

While all this remains, a few unique qualities come into play when we introduce Scorpio’s ruling planet > Pluto. Now we’ll throw in a little Vata, 1st, 2nd & 7th cakram just in case things weren’t totally & completely intense enough!! Pitta & Vata both correspond to Pluto, the fire of Pitta to bring in the intensity & desire and the air of Vata to bring in visions, imagination & intuition. Pluto is a *highly potent aspect in one’s birth chart & is the higher vibration of Mars. This is all about bring forth our soul’s desires, needs & intentions and our 7th cakram higher consciousness transmits these Plutonian messages beautifully. Pluto is also familiarity & the past which correspond to the 1st & 2nd cakram, a place where our sensory impressions & emotional experiences first enter our psyche & spirit. Persephone can handle all this with her underworld managerial experience so we’ll just leave it all up to her! This cluster of correlations certainly is deep, enchanted & totally intense!!


Sagittarius > our favorite philosopher, student, & gypsy soul! Sagittarius is the ultimate Pitta-Vata transmitting so much energy from the 3rd & 7th cakram and ruling with the two potently powerful Goddesses - Artemis & Hestia! Haven’t name dropped Hestia yet, hang tight she’s total fyre!!

Pitta fire & drive and Vata mental energy & movement, when all Sag wants to do is learn & travel – yah, these two dosha are it! Bring on anything & Sagittarius’ optimistic attitude is totally down to learn something new. Driven by that 3rd cakram to create, grow & get some of that power - Sag doesn’t slow down for anyone! Good luck hanging on or keeping up with them, they have a ton of physical & mental energy. They’re highly intuitive & thus correspond to the 7th cakram that transmits higher consciousness & wisdom. All the better for their philosophical studies!

Artemis is totally & completely Sagittarian – if you look up images she has the bow, arrow & everything! Also being the Goddess of the moon, a highly intuitive planet, links her right up with Sagittarius’ ability to easily download higher messages. Now we also introduce Hestia, the Goddess of the hearth & temple, the wise woman, & the maiden aunt. I kind of love that Sagittarius is correlated to the random aunt, she would be that wacky aunt who lives in Bermuda that you just love to travel to go see! LOL! She may be wacky but she is also wise & Sag takes the information & experiences of life and alchemically transforms them into truths & wisdom.

It can’t be a party without everyone & Jupiter wants a party as it is Sagittarius’ ruling planet! Jupiter invites in Kapha energies as well as the 5th cakram. The Kapha vibe brings in devotion & growth energy, both which Jupiter rules. The 5th cakram is thought & speech as one searches for meaning, truth & ethical values. Jupiter activates this area as well as the 3rd & 7th cakram as above. And of course our newly introduced Goddess Hestia as she’s the Goddess of the temple & Jupiter corresponds with faith. Hestia supplies the temple where Jupiter can transmit their divine messages. Needless to say, this cluster of correlations is divine wanderlust propelling a totally intuitive gypsy-soul!


Capricorn > the hermit, the parent, & the prime minister of the zodiac! Wait what? Prime minister? Oh yah, Capricorn is highly political & represents where one asserts themselves in the folds of society. In this way Cap corresponds with that earthy Kapha & driven Pitta along with the 1st & 3rd cakram and the two Goddesses Athena & Hera.

That Kapha steadiness completely corresponds to that steady climb Cap is constantly pursuing as they target their dreams & push forward with ambition! Pitta lights quite the fire as goals & ambition are Pitta-Capricorns middle name. It may take time to get to where Cap is going, but they’re patient & ready to lay super strong foundations & do the leg work for the long haul. This energy is effectively transmitted through their 1st & 3rd cakram activating the need for stability & security along with growth & power. Cap can get a little power hungry as they see their career unfold so they must tap into their wisdom to keep this status-seeking in check.

Capricorn might actually be the *ultimate strategist of the zodiac which pairs them up no better than with Athena, Goddess of wisdom, crafts, & of course – strategy. They are slow moving but constantly on the go & are incredibly precise & organized. No detail is too minor for Athena-Cap! All this earthy, committed energy also marrys Capricorn to Hera – Goddess of marriage & commitment. Capricorn is a serious partner & seriously loyal > it’s all serious!!

Okay, maybe Cap isn’t THAT serious, but their ruling planet certainly is > Saturn! The 1st cakram, Pitta-Kapha, & Hera are still a go here, but Saturn brings in a couple other dynamics special to its characteristics. Saturn is lord karma & wisdom and transmits its messages through the 6th cakram to be analyzed & transmuted into higher visions & intuition for personal evolutionary growth. Saturn wants us to wake up & smell the roses as we work through unconscious habit patterns that keep us in spiralizing stagnation! To access our karma & attain the wisdom attached to it. Hestia jumps in here as the wise woman & helps to activate & understand this soul journey. Needless to say, this cluster of correlations is steady, crafty & seriously wise!


Aquarius > our favorite crazy scientist, genius, & revolutionary! I’ve always felt that Aquarius is like a whole other species outside of everyone else in the zodiac. They’re these like uber intelligent, alien types who just innovate & propel whatever they set their eyes on! So naturally they’re super Vata energy that transmits seamlessly through the 5th & 6th cakram and matches right up with the wisest beauties – Athena & Hestia!

All that Aquarian innovation & imagination blows right in with airy Vata vibes all over it! Vata is also an extremist & Aquarians are total elitists. This definitely shows when they seriously invest themselves into *any project. The veil is thin for Aquarius & Vata penetrates right through it to deliver new ideas, thoughts, & beliefs to carry forward. This energy is transmitted through the 5th & 6th cakram where there is a TON of mental & psychic energy. Serious analyzations occur here as well as strong visions. Aquarians can easily see what should or will come next which is often why they’re the revolutionists! They grow tired of the old & outdated and want to see things manufactured totally anew! So you may catch them in their laboratory doing just that - LOL!