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Couples & Chemistry

Curious how the stars collide between you & your beloved? Get a Couples & Chemistry reading to see how the cosmos reflect your love for each other, how you're similar, even how uniquely different you two are & why it all works so well! Astrology is a beautiful science for love & relationship and can reflect just how much two people are destined for each other now & forever. 

Beyond the Big Day

a look 2 years into the future after 'I do'

After your big beautiful day filled with love, laughter & some joyous tears, you say I do & go full swing into your new amazing life together. As you evolve forward as a team, you will face all of life's gifts & challenges. There will be big decisions to make & goals you create. Allow predictive astrology to help give a guiding hand through these big changes and lend sight to when & how major life events will transpire for you both in the next two years to come!


I'm Ariel

A nature-obsessed Gemini mastermind 

I'm all about you, your big day & the astrology that makes it all so magical!

I've been studying astrology for over 14 years & can honestly say its 100% my deepest passion! I am a total wild child who grew up with bears & blueberries in Alaska, constantly falling in love with nature, the stars & of course, the northern lights! Finding as many nature lovers as me at Jane in the Woods has been beyond a blessing. When I'm not working for this stellar team, you can find me being a total beach bum in my new home on Maui!

Ariel Wright