am a total wild child from the heart of Alaska known as Fairbanks & have been traveling across the country far & 

wide in search of a new home. Or at least that's what I thought I was doing when I moved away several years ago. To my surprise, my journey to find a physical home only guided me further into my inner home to discover what peace & stability means to me.

I seem to love extremes? Alaska is very extreme in weather & has created a bit of etching in my character to this day! I have lived almost as far north as our country gets, I've lived far south in Sedona, AZ only to find my way completely coastal in the mountains of Santa Cruz, CA & then made my way all the way to the edge of the east coast in Norway, ME. I decided there was one extreme remaining & had to live in Maui, HI! Every place has it's own magic & I've grown 10 fold as a person because of it. Sedona seems to be my soul's resting place for now, however, adventure calls... 


an alaskan wild woman discovering peace


astrology & why I love it!

A little of my astrology!

gemini sun

scorpio rising

leo moon

've been into astrology almost my entire life! From teenage curiosity, to studying seriously alone, then with

a teacher, to only be doing readings years & years later. What I learned the most through studying such an ancient, sacred science is that with this much divine information, you're never going to feel ready to start doing readings, so what ya gotta do is just GO FOR IT! And I did just that :)

For me astrology taps us into some of our oldest wounds, most profound insights, & deepest truths of who we are > why we're here < and how to move forward with ease & grace to evolve. Learning astrology has been a keystone language that has helped me unlock some of my most knotted up emotions, cleared off the foggiest mirrors of self illusions, & tapped me so much further into my intuition. I wouldn’t be able to know myself as clearly today if it wasn’t for my dear friend astrology. This passion & conviction drives me to help as many beautiful souls as possible!


Through astrology & other wonderful things such as yoga, meditation, Ayurveda & energy work, I shifted the old paradigm of self-doubt, external blame, & dis-empowerment. It's been a long journey of self depreciation, body-shaming, victim consciousness, anxiety, depression, & fear > but I finally feel ready to embrace myself wholeheartedly.

Learning to love the light & the shadow equally, choosing only to discern & not to judge. I accept who I am & have committed myself to a life of always choosing love over fear & kindness over hatred. It is my wish & I believe my dharma (divine purpose) to help others come to this place of alignment & self-acceptance. To discover the love & power within themselves through self reflection, meditation, diet, yoga, astrology, developing intuition, & so much more. It is with my deepest love for you all that we can feel whole again. I am thankful for each & everyone of you in the world at this time. We are warriors of love & I am honored to stand beside you.