New Moon // 24° Cancer

With the New Moon in Cancer today, there’s several prominent aspects created that makes this 2 week cycle moving forward particularly rich with fertile soil. We have the Uranus sextile, Neptune trine, Pluto opposition, Chiron square, and Nodal squares. 

This New Moon is about pathfinding, the future, and discovering clearly defined priorities in order to manifest & align with which you’re dreaming about. There’s a lot of emotional energy in the mix that needs your conscious direction. Within it lies passion & truths that are ready to be applied to the bigger picture. 

Areas that are requesting this attention are the activation of your individuality; don’t shrink into the crowd or subscribe to group think – who are you when it comes to the dreams you’ve envisioned? The opportunity to harmonize with your bigger dreams is present if you can find this individuality, and pair it with balancing who you are now, with who you wish to become. Challenges present themselves with the wounds that need to be healed (see Chiron in your chart), along with the Aries/Libra polarities occuring in your life at this time:

How can you be more independent and courageous in your next steps forward in who you are becoming?

How can you let go of unhealthy codependencies with others & the world around you in order to feel secure in who you are becoming?

There’s so much coming up at this time demanding your attention & energy, that the Cancerian energy also asks you to look at your wind down routines as well as your evening routines. Are you creating enough space to unwind, let go, shed, surrender, and allow yourself relaxation during this highly transformative time? If the answer is no, you may have found yourself in a burnout. Dig deep.

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