New Moon // 26° Gemini

With the Pisces Neptune-Gemini Moon square, this is a time for dreaming big and really allowing your mind & spirit to commune with what you truly want. Gemini is about perspective, learning, teaching, and sharing ideas + information. How could a perspective shift assist you & get you closer to your dreams? How could being receptive to learn more, aid in your pursuits?

Where can you step into what you already know and apply it, share it, and be inspired through communication? As for your mind – New Moons are for planting new seeds of intention, or watering the ones that are already in motion. It’s a time to reprioritize and take inventory of what’s been neglected.

Attuning to your health – New Moons are for resting, hydrating, and meditating. With the South Node Scorpio trine, this is a good moon to explore your emotional and sexual depths with more lightness & curiosity. Take a closer look at your daily expression. Is it in alignment with what you think, feel, and do? There is a small invitation here to tune into your daily values and how you are integrating them authentically. This energy tends to flow over into your close relationships as well.

Due to the energies present today, look at where Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, & Pisces land in your chart.

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