New Moon // 13° Libra

Happy New Moon in Libra ♎️✨

Today there’s a strong influence in relationship as the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus reside in Libra in her ruling house, the 7th – House of Relationships.

There will be a drive to understand our relationships further and perhaps experience new ones beginning and old ones ending. With a strong influence from Pluto, a square to be exact, there’s a lot of emotional energy this week + today.

It’s really asking us to look at our relationship to the mother, our mother, and the nurterer within us – the divine feminine – and how that is influencing our ability to be emotionally vulnerable & open in ALL of our relationships and where it might be blocking us.

This moon goes deeper than the sign Libra feels comfortable to do, so a certain level of discomfort is to be expected here as we venture into our karmic worlds + past to dig up from our subconscious what inhibits us from creating & having the types of relationships we truly desire.

Don’t hold back, let things flow, let things go and don’t be afraid to be emotional with one another ♥️

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