Full Moon // 27° Pisces

5:54pm MDT on 9/20/21

Big dreams, big visions, big feelings. Today’s Full Moon in Pisces is conjunct Neptune in Pisces in the 1st House. This potent aspect with Neptune in rulership, combines our dreams & fantasies with our daily habits & emotions. This is a powerful time to understand your true intentions & motivations around what you do daily and if it infact aligns with your highest & best vision for yourself.

Where in your life are you sacrificing too much of yourself to the fear story rather than the love story? Where might you have allowed yourself to become the martyr/victim rather than the empowered hero? What needs to be reevaluated in order to live your highest dreams? Take a step back today and sit in meditation, in silence, away from the world, in order to get tuned into who you are, what you desire, and how you can make progressive steps forward to attain authentic alignment.

It’s a good day for creative expression, being the artist, dreaming, and manifesting in the abstract. Though today is a strong day for introversion & some alone time, it is best utilized when balanced with allowing others in to help, see you, converse with as express your highest self’s vision for the future. The artistic, abstract nature of the day would also benefit from the balance of some organization & actionable steps to make progress post the free form expression.

With the Moon Neptune conjunction sextiling Pluto and trining the South Node, there’s an extra level of positive access to our past karmas & overdeveloped qualities that both seek light, love, and balance before we are able to fully move forward. Take time to integrate yourself on every level, love who you were, who you’ve become and how they come together in unity to progress you forward to the highest version of yourself.

Dream big & put your dreams into action! Watch out for getting lost in illusions & delusions or falling into sadness believing your dreams won’t come true. It’s about being a practical (Virgo) visionary (Pisces). You are the creator of your life, take your power back & manifest!

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