Virgo – selfless, devoted, your wish is my command! Okay, maybe not ‘command’ but certainly taken super seriously. Virgo is a partner who wants to meet your every need & will work tirelessly in order to do so. They don’t mind a challenge & have a ton of determination to do things your way, the right way, the best way. They’re incredibly devoted to their partners & build a lot of connection around open, clear communication. This is especially true if your partner’s Venus is in Virgo along with their Sun, Moon or Rising.  

Often an eye for analyzation, they analyze what needs to be corrected, improved and spruced up in their relationships and goes for it! This is one of Virgos amazing qualities as they can be very proactive and apply your requests into the relationship, but it can also be one of their more difficult qualities as well. This has it’s shadow side when things aren’t “quite enough” or aren’t perfect. Sometimes you may wonder if your partner is looking at your every move, habit, & characteristics under a microscope! You wouldn’t be wrong to feel so observed, but remember that Virgo is really just trying to understand you, your needs & what you need from them. 

And don’t be shocked if you find your gifts are all practical & not as romantic as maybe you hoped. Your partner probably already knows what you like, but when they see something you could use day-to-day, they grab it! Try to see past romanticism with these types & see their intention – they really are thinking about you non-stop, listening to what you have to say & seeing how they could gift you something helpful.

They’re also highly detail-oriented, but maybe not always in the ways you’d prefer. Their perfectionism comes out in some areas & lacks in others. This can be frustrating to some, but just let them know what’s driving you crazy rather than letting it fester. Virgo functions highly off direct communication & needs you to vocalize your needs. As much as we wish our partner’s could read our minds, they simply can’t. Unless they’re a Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer… Kidding! Kind of… 

Very earthy & grounded, but super mutable, Virgo is the most flexible & adaptable earth sign in the entire zodiac. They’re open to stable foundations as much as they are to travel & change. They create a very steady & dynamic partnership & really want nothing more than to build a long-lasting connection with you! 

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