Taurus – committed, patient, your ride or die in love! There is no getting around how serious Taurus is when they commit to a partner. They will literally do anything for you as they work to build a foundation that could last the test of time! Taurus is the builder of all things & when in relationship, they are slow & steady to build something super meaningful & long-lasting with their beloved. 

They aren’t the most spontaneous as they truly need to take their time in making big decisions & will take quite a bit of time to know if you’re the one for them. Though after humming & hawing about, they’re all in! Once the decision is final, so is the relationship – time to start building! And though they might seem super relaxed & mellow, don’t be fooled – Taurus is quietly intense & that inner stubborn bull can come out when you least expect it. Just be patient with them as they will be SUPER patient with you!

Taurus in love should be given an award for being the Ultimate Gift Giver. If your Sun, Moon, Rising or Venus is in Taurus, maybe you already know you’re the most thoughtful gifter amongst your peers. Taurus takes so much time to notice all the little things you love and goes above & beyond always when they shop or create for you! Highly artistic types, they love giving you something artsy & sentimental. Taurus is super into the meaning behind materials, so be sure to keep that in mind when you’re gift giving to them or have something around the house from your ex-partner > LOL! Taurus ain’t gonna like that!! 

As your ride or die, Taurus will endure so much in a relationship & will often get stuck. Try & remember that when you feel the relationship stagnating or struggling & to keep energy moving for you both so that lines of communication stay open, connection stays fresh, go out & try something new and work to breathe life into the relationship. Just because they can endure it, doesn’t mean they should have to – help them to lift up into new perspectives so the relationship can keep evolving! 

Netflix & chill might be their ultimate mode, but make sure to shake Taurus up & keep things fresh. As your ultimate sweetheart & snuggle bug, Taurus truly wants to create an eternal kind of love with you!

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