Pisces – poetic, sensitive, your dreamiest lover yet! Pisces is known to have their head a little in the sky, however, what they bring back from these little spacey moments is a vision to live your biggest dreams together! Though they might need your passion for action, they’ll provide the path. As excellent visionaries, they see clearly what steps to take & in what direction, making sure you’re serenaded the whole way through. 

Pisces represents unconditional & boundless love. A kind of love written in poetry of old, on parchment with every feeling eloquently spelled out so their love might be felt by any who beholds it. They’re the die hard romantics of the zodiac & if you’re so blessed to be with one, you’ll certainly love celebrating any & all holidays! Their attention to your likes & dislikes as well as every minute emotion & microexpression means they know you better than you probably know yourself. All this sensitive attention goes into truly celebrating life with you & for you. 

They’re highly devotional & will almost worship you if you can handle it. They truly think you’re amazing & admire all your shared thoughts, feelings, & actions. And this is what they want, for you to open up & share. You’re not hiding much from an intuitive Pisces anyways so you might as well be upfront about everything. As empaths, they can feel what you’re feeling & in this way try to help you open up & understand yourself more fully. Sometimes they may confuse this empathy with their own feelings so be sure you are clear with yourself as to not confuse your Piscean partner. 

Pisces might be able to make all your fantasies come true, but keep in mind they may reach for the stars & struggle to come back to earth. Helping root & ground your lover is super important as they can lose touch with reality sometimes. And if they lose touch with reality, you may feel like they’re also losing touch with you. Try to empathize with them as they do with you & gently remind them to put their feet on the ground as they come back into their bodies. 

Sometimes lost in the stars, they’re ultimately lost in love with you. Open your heart to Pisces fullest expression of love & you’ll be head over heels forever! 

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