Leo – fun, playful & totally center stage in love with you! Whether your entire social circle knows it, or it’s just between the two of you, Leo lovers know how to treat their partners with King/Queen adoration & affection. So many imagine Leos as extroverted, loud & in your face, but I have to be here to debunk that stereotype… If you’re with a Leo who’s the total opposite side of that coin, then you already know what I am talking about. This is especially true if your partner’s Venus is in Leo along with their Sun, Moon or Rising.

Leo tends to be thought of as the King or Queen, self-involved type that simultaneously is loud & robust with all their personal news & drama. This definitely could be the Leo type you’re with, but there is so much more to Leo energy than this. Many Leos are quite shy, prefer their alone time to groom, pamper & rest and have a very finite amount of energy for social engagements. You might think you partnered up with the life of the party only to find they’d rather have an intimate night in with you or a candlelit dinner somewhere quiet (and fancy).

Leo’s will want to spoil you & be spoiled too. You can have all their attention as long as you’re giving them the recognition they need as well. Always let them know they’re doing amazing, looking good, & remind them how talented they are. This will go a long way & they need their partner’s approval more than anyone else’s. Words of affirmation are your best friend when pairing up with a Leo King or Queen.

Leo lovers can be super generous & want to give you everything, but I would ask Leo to be aware of when they might be engaging in some slight manipulation. Stay authentic & if you tell your partner you love them, be sure it’s because you mean it & not just because you want to hear it back. Avoid giving a compliment just to receive one – Leo can get caught fishing for those words of affirmations & may come off as inauthentic to their partner, which couldn’t be further from the truth! They just need to be seen, so do your best to let them know that you are their #1 fan.

Infatuated, authentic & totally passionate lovers, Leo just wants you to know you’re their #1 & will love you like family while wanting to create a family with you! 

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