Gemini – listener, entertainer, your BFF in love! Gemini makes the ultimate bestie in relationships. They’re phenomenal lovers but even better friends. Is that even possible? Yes, yes it is! Gemini is the Jack or Jill of all trades & is even known as the shape-shifters of the zodiac. They can be almost anything you need them to be – best friend, partner, wing (wo)man, your own personal stand up comedian – whatever you want! They are incredibly eager to be whatever their partner needs or desires.

With that all being said, make sure to encourage your Gemini lover to stay true to themselves & not always try to accommodate your needs. As highly intellectual types they can tend to get away from themselves & avoid their emotions, labeling them as “illogical.” Well yes, emotions are highly illogical, but it’s what makes us human! So, if you or your partner has strong Gemini influence in the Sun, Moon, Rising or Venus, be sure to create space for their emotions allowing them to feel validated. The last thing Gemini wants to feel is irrational & if you show that they are, they can feel very shut down. We don’t want that! A fully expressed Gemini makes the best partner so make sure they feel heard. The most important thing for a Gemini is to be seen & heard for their thoughts & ideas. Be patient, they have a TON!!

Is it just me who always falls for the funny guy? Or gal? Gemini has a special talent for teaching or telling stories & making you laugh! They’re total goofballs & it’s what you’ll love them for! They will always be helping their partner learn or listen in one way or another. Though they can be quite gabby, they do make very attentive listeners & desire nothing more than hearing their partner out in order to give them what they need & specifically what they’re asking for. In return, Gemini also expects this kind of attention & ability to express themselves within their relationship.  

If you are the slower or steadier one in the relationship, you might be in for a wild ride, with your Gemini partner who dives into the newness of projects, ideas & adventures often! This constant change can be overwhelming or agitating to some partners, but do keep in mind it is how Gemini evolves. They are highly curious & love to learn & as your bestie, they want to do it all with you. If not, they’ll at least want to tell you ALL about the new person they met who was just so fascinating, the new place they want to travel to, the new book they just read that makes them change their whole view on the world. Adapting to a Gemini’s pace of life isn’t for everyone, but can be very exciting & extremely eye-opening as they are always learning something new & seeing from fresh perspectives. Viewing these qualities as positive will help you tap into your inner Gemini as well & let the fun begin! 

So, if you’re ready for a crazy devout best friend forever, look no further than Gemini! They’re always looking to have a ridiculously good time with you, chatting the night away & getting lost in love <3

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