Capricorn – dependable, hardworking & seriously in love with you! Yes, they are serious with their love for you, they mean what they say & their actions are nothing short of exactly what you need. Not exactly what you may want sometimes, but Capricorn more readily sees ‘needs’ over ‘wants’. This is especially true if your partner’s Venus is in Capricorn along with their Sun, Moon or Rising.

Your Cap partner is loyal & takes complete responsibility to care for the household, your resources, & your relationship. They want things to be organized & in order & are always willing to put the work in to do so. In this case, they may struggle to share a home with an overly Pisces type or Aries who can often be a bit on the messy side. They are highly realistic & won’t be caught daydreaming things they can’t readily bring into manifest. Some of the more optimists might say they’re pessimists, but in truth, they are just realists. 

In this way, they can sometimes be a little too blunt, honest or upfront with their opinions about… everything! It can be a lot to take on Capricorn’s brutally honest criticism which might be exactly what it feels like, but to them they are really just trying to help by being genuine & honest. Keep that in mind when you start to take their words too personally. Caps’ have super high standards for many things in life & if they see you’re not living to your fullest potential, they’re going to say something. Let them feel free to speak, but also honor your sacred boundaries if how they’re speaking to you isn’t gentle enough. Again, this conversation will always be out of care for you & not out of judgment.

You may find it difficult for your Capricorn partner to be truly vulnerable with you. They often struggle to let their emotions flow, receive love, let their guard down & be expressive. Generally they will wall up, shut down or feel cold & want space & alone time to process. Be respectful of that, let them know you’re there for them when they need it & don’t take it too personal if they don’t want to share every little feeling with you. It can be exceptionally hard for these highly controlled types to be seen as emotional wrecks crying on the floor. 

Capricorn just wants your love & respect & promises to give that care 10 fold back. All they really want is to be heard for the strong, capable people they are & are 100% committed to creating a secure & joyous life with you!

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