Cancer – soft, sensitive & your ultimate nurturer in love! If you’ve fallen head over heels for a caring Cancer, you’re not alone. This sign brings all the warm, sweetheart vibes into a relationship & into the home. You’re in for some real TLC when you pair up with this highly receptive & domestic partner. This is especially true if your partner’s Venus is in Cancer along with their Sun, Moon or Rising. 

Cancerian lovers are highly sensitive & are definitely among the psychics of the zodiac. They know what you want, need & desire & are often ready to give you whatever they can, even if it pushes their needs to the side. That being said, they also know when you’re being manipulative, lying or anything not harmonious, so if you think you can fool a Cancer – think again! 

They definitely want to fall for  you too, but they also might be timid at first. They can be hypersensitive making them extremely cautious in love & romance as to not get their hearts hurt or their minds twisted. Cancer rules the deep psyche, the subconscious mind and if they feel threatened at all, they quickly retract into their shells & become insecure & non-trusting. So do be patient & gentle as you approach these highly intune individuals because they really want nothing more than domestic bliss with you! 

Though they’ll tend to give & give & give to you, what they need their partner to understand is they also need to receive emotional warmth & security to feel happy & content in their relationships. This seems like a no brainer, but when one partner (Cancer) assumes the role as the primary giver, this can automatically put the other in a position of the primary receiver. Cancers can let this dynamic become imbalanced due to their innate response to nurture others, so it’s their partner’s responsibility to help bring balance by showing them they deserve to be equally cared for too.

And Cancers, please don’t forget to communicate! Cancer can often get lost in their emotions & not let their partner in on their wants, needs or desires, leading the relationship into the dark & into blocked lines of communication & intimacy. Encourage your Cancerian partner to express their feelings & let them know they’re in a loving & safe space to share.

Seriously loyal, caring & sympathetic, Cancerians will bring a level of love, warmth & security into your life you’ve never experienced before!  

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